Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs

If you want to know about the most stubborn zodiac signs, then here is a list by Tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma. 

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Many zodiac signs are considered to be stubborn. Do you want to know which signs are the most stubborn? Then, have a look ahead as Tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma has shared a list of the most stubborn zodiac signs.


Taurus are counted among the stubborn kind. Their stubbornness revolves around their need to be heard and be followed in everything. They can go to any extent to get the other person do what they want them to do. They refuse to see the perspective of the other person. Be it their family member or their partner, Taurus cannot stand others following their own will.


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Gemini wants to show people their power. The power of their influence to get things done for them. In majority of the cases, Gemini ends up getting trapped in the plan of their own making. They do not tend to think logically. Most of the times it happens that their stubborn behaviour brings problems to them.

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Leo possess a stubborn nature when their career is concerned. They follow their passion and refuse to listen to anyone else in this regard. They successfully deal with all the hurdles coming their way and bring all their plans to a fruitful result. Their stubborn nature is looked at in a rather positive light because they always think and act logically.

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Sagittarius born people have a clarity of what they want in their life. They like to do things their way. They are stubborn in the path they choose. The stubborn nature is not only reflective of the direction of their life but also that they want others to obey them always. A Sagittarius somehow often manages to make others agree to them.

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