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    Here's What Your Eye Colour Says About You

    Check out what the colour of your eyes say about your personality. 
    Updated at - 2021-07-15,11:40 IST
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    Eyes are said to be the window to our soul but what does it mean if your eyes are blue, green or hazel? Some people do not trust men with blue eyes while women with hazel eyes tend to have a huge fan following. Check out what your personality is like according to the colour of your eyes.

    Dark Brown/Black

    dark brown eyes

    The most common colour indeed, dark brown eyes are said to be natural-born leaders. Individuals with black or dark brown eye colour are perceived as confident, intuitive and mysterious. This eye colour naturally has more melanin and these folks are said to drink less. They are a tad bit secretive in nature but are trustworthy and dependable. Practical and hardworking, dark brown or black-eyed beauties are very optimistic and truly passionate by nature. However, one major downfall is that they have trust issues and are very reluctant to fall in love or even make friends. 



    Hazel a lovely mix of grey and brown. Beauties with this eye colour are said to be rather elegant and have a positive outlook towards life. You folks like to go with the flow. Monotony is not for you and adjusting to different situations is not an issue for you. Trying new things is your thing and you are one with a courageous heart. People with hazel eyes have a sensuous side as well. The negative for them is their temper issues and that their relationships do not last very long.

    Light & Medium Brown

    light medium brown eyes

    Caring, Fun-loving, and easy-going, individuals with this eye colour are an amalgamation of these three very positive traits. They are polite, independent, and they love making new friends. These folks are grounded and worldly possessions are not for them. Going out of their way to help out keeps them afloat. These self-confident beings however find it difficult to express themselves. A major flaw for this eye coloured individual is practicality taking a backseat in front of dear ones they love and care for.

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    blue eyes

    You are all about poise and inner strength but often misjudged. Somehow people gauge you as too egoistic or just too timid. You are not good at expressing. You are full of life, peace and are very smart. You have long-lasting relationships. You are excellent with your concentration skills and a brilliant strategist. The one and only major flaw that you have is that of being inquisitive and cautious. 


    grey eyes

    This cool-toned eye colour is all about putting up a strong demeanour. They are wise and gentle. They are not into fooling around and they take their work, love life and romance very seriously. These folks are either two-faced or well balanced. Those with light grey eyes generally have to work a bit harder and assert themselves. Those with dark grey eyes gain the trust of the others with a little difficulty. The ones with light grey are way too serious.

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    A cautious yet strong, individuals with green eyes have a mysterious aura. They are curious, intelligent and love life. Most find you desirable and attractive. One huge drawback is that jealousy is second to your nature. 

    What is the colour of your eyes? 

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