We see actresses, fashion bloggers, and models on Instagram and ads and the first thought we have is the pose and how do they manage to look so amazing in every click. The next step is that we look at our own pictures and wonder what we do wrong. Sometimes we find that we do not like our left or right profile, we judge our own bodies, especially the arm flab, and the scrutiny never ends. To begin with, get over these complexes because as long as you feel confident, it will show in your pictures as well. But just in case, you want to make poses and have fun with your camera lens then there are a few poses that will make you look like a diva. 

The Posture

Slouching was never a good posture and even in the camera world, it isn't. Push back your shoulders and that adds height automatically. 

Hips Please

Many of us have an issue with thigh gaps which sometimes is too obvious in pictures. But you can camouflage it or hide it by simply pushing back your hips. This creates a space between your legs.

Neck It Out

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If your neck is not visible in pictures you look stout and squished. Even if your neck is short, flaunt it! Make it look elongated with makeup (contouring & bronzing) is one way and tilt your head a little to show it off. 

Best Foot Forward

leg forward pose

This is a very common trick used by our celebs and once I explain it, you will realise that they do this often. All you have to do is put one leg in front of the other to look taller and leaner. 

Camera Leaning

camera leaning

Instead of leaning towards the camera, lean away from it. Your photographer will definitely as you to lean towards but see it yourself how your frame looks slimmer when you tilt slightly away!. Plus, the tummy will also not show. 

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Arm Positioning

arm positioning

Whether they are tiny or huge, the camera makes them look bigger if you place your arms flat against the body while facing it. Bend them a little and turn them a bit away from the camera. 

Not On Attention Mode

attention mode no pic

Quit standing straight in your pictures. Always lean a little or take some support from the wall behind you, create angles and see what works for you. 

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Leg Positioning

When we sit we forget that the thigh mass can hang and our legs look like one big chunk. If you dig those curves then simply stretch them out and tuck one uber the other to give your body a length and also to create curves. Experiment your pose at home and when your friends want to take a picture, you will do it automatically. 

Shoot From The Top

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If you can, then ask your photographer to click from the top. If you are makeing a professional shoot or album then unless there is an editorial reason why the camera person wants to click you from the low angle, the top angle would be more flattering. For me, I feel I look leaner. 

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