Mothers are the most selfless creatures God has ever created in this world. Throughout their lives, mothers sacrifice a lot to take care of us and make our lives happy and content. Most of us are away from home and doing well in our studies and careers because she took care of everything so that we can step out and achieve our goals and live the life of our dreams. Mother’s day is just around the corner and is the best day to express our gratitude and love for her. We have come up with some suggestions that you can consider for making your mother’s day special even if you are away from her.

Arrange A video call In the morning

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Beginning the day with a video call from your loved ones can be an adorable and great start to the day. Even if you have classes or meetings, manage sometime in the morning and arrange a video call with your mom. You might be calling her twice a week but calling on a day dedicated to her and expressing your love and gratefulness will put a smile on her face and fill her heart with happiness and joy.

Book At Home Salon Services

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Our moms are running around the house managing and arranging everything for our comfort and smooth function of the house. She hardly gets time to pamper herself, all she does for relaxing or entertaining herself is to watch television or read magazines. Booking at home salons will be a great surprise for her as she won’t have to step out especially for a facial, body massage, or spa. Home salon services are safe and hygienic that your mom is going to enjoy and cherish for life.


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A basket full of Goodness

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Try and arrange a basket full of healthy and homemade cookies and other delicacies that can be delivered to your house. Who doesn’t like to munch on healthy snacks while watching movies or television? Your mother is especially going to treasure this personalized gift option of munchies and will always smile while having them. You can even request the delivery person to write a special note on your behalf and hand it over to your mother. These small things mean the world to our parents who do so much for us.


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Unexpected Visit

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This is the best gift or moment that you can think of giving to your mom on this mother’s day. If you can manage your work you should plan a surprise visit to your home. Your mom would be the happiest to see you and meet you in person instead of receiving gifts on your behalf. Nothing can be compared with the quality time you will spend with her making new memories.  You can then decide on various fun activities that you could with your mother or you could just simply sit with her and listen. Bonding with your mother after a long time is indeed an emotional moment and you should make the most out of it and treasure it to the fullest.

We hope you would find these mother’s day celebration ideas useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

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