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Lara Dutta Says She Would Never Endorse Sanitary Napkins And We Understand Her Point

Lara Dutta revealed that she will never be part of any ads for sanitary napkins, alcohol and cigarette brands.
lara dutta sanitary napkin ad

Many women, especially in India, use sanitary napkins for menstrual hygiene because of their convenient properties like no leakage, no noise, stay in place, comfortable to wear, and hygiene. Actress Lara Dutta, however, said in an interview with Campaign India that she will not be part of ads for any sanitary napkins because if she's not going to use a product, she 'won’t endorse it'.

Lara Dutta Turned Down Sanitary Napkins Brand

sanitary napkin

In a recent interview with the Campaign India, when the actor-producer was asked  if she has ever refused any brand or category, Lara Dutta revealed that she will not be part of ads for sanitary napkins, alcohol brands and cigarettes. 

She said, "Yes, I have. I don’t associate with alcohol brands. It’s not because I’m a teetotaller but because I think content is really important. Whenever ads come to me, they need to be out of the box and I haven’t seen that with alcohol brands’ advertising. I won’t advertise cigarettes too. In the recent past, I was approached by a brand of sanitary napkins and I turned that down as well."

Adding to this, she said, "I genuinely believe that it’s time we address the ecological impact that it creates and today there are other options available like menstrual cups which are much better. I want to be able to promote these kinds of products in the future. I believe in walking the talk. If I’m not going to use the product, I won’t endorse it".

Lara Dutta Advertisements In The Past

Lara Dutta has appeared for some of the most well-known brands of cooking oil, toothpaste, other grocery items and so on over the years. In the same interview with Campaign India, when she was asked if she could recall the first ad film shoot or the number of businesses she had endorsed. She said, "No, I don't know the exact number of brands that I have worked with. I started off endorsing brands at the age of 16, as a model. I have pretty much endorsed every single product that exists.    My first ad film was in 1995. I had just won the Gladrags SuperModel contest. It was in the summer holidays between my 11th and 12th grade in Bengaluru. I came to Mumbai for the competition and won it. Then, within the same week, Garnier was entering India and was looking for a fresh face for its skincare range. They saw me at the contest and asked me to come for a screen test. It was on the ground floor lobby of its office building. They put me in front of the camera and a week later I was signed as the face of Garnier in India, a contract which I held for four years''.

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Some Alternatives To Menstrual Napkins

Here is a list of some amazing and easily available alternatives to sanitary napkins to make it easier for women.


Tampons are the easiest to come by, as they are widely available in stores and online. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on your flow, which can range from mini to super. They can also be carried easily in your bag.

Reusable Cloth Pads

Cotton pads are a great alternative to the disposable pads we usually use. You won't have to worry about leaks because they're made of cotton layers and wrapped in waterproof fabric. The wings keep them in place while also providing comfort. Because they can be reused, they are more environmentally friendly and healthier than other alternatives.

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