Palmistry is also known as chirology is the science of reading your palm and its lines there are mainly three major lines in your palm known as the head the heart and the lifeline each of them reveal a lot about your personality, Each of them reveals vital information about your life through the size and shape of your hands and the lines across the palms.


hand lines

Begins between the thumb and index finger going downwards towards the wrist majority of people are drawn towards the lifeline assuming it tells about how long will an individual's life be but it is a myth it actually reveals the quality of experiences an individual will have in his lifetime also the emotional and physical health of a person.

  • Long and deep line: Balancing life full of strength and vitality
  • Short and deep line: Easily manipulated, have the strength to overcome almost any physical challenge
  • Broken Line: loss, illness, struggles


Indicates the emotional stability and quality of relationships a person will have in his lifetime it starts under the index finger and extends towards the pinky finger.

  • Longline: Unrealistic expectations, warm and loving person
  • Shortline: Introvert, self-involved person 
  • Straight-line: Logical and practical person


Known as the wisdom line reveals a person's intellect and intuitive behaviour beginning just above the lifeline between the thumb and the index line running across the palm horizontally

  • Longline: Extremely intelligent, short memory
  • Straight-line: Organised, follower of rules, down to earth
  • Shortline:  Analytical, logical, straightforward
  • The minor lines reveal a person's talents interests strengths and weaknesses there are nine major-minor lines. It varies from individual to individual these lines keep on occurring and changing after almost every three weeks
  • Deep and short lines indicate a promising solid career.
  • Faint lines indicate that a person loses interest in their job quickly and keep changing it.

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Type Of Hand

hand type

There are four types of hand revealing different aspects about one's life, behaviour and personality.

Air type

Square/Rectangular Shaped Hands With Long Fingers 

  • Intellectuals with great analytical skills 
  • Thinks about a hundred ideas all at the same time 
  • Provides fresh and innovative solutions 
  • Charming and strong communicators

Water type 

Short palms with long slender fingers

  • Creative emotional imaginative 
  • Natural healers 
  • Compassionate 
  • Good at relationships, love flows automatically through them

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Earth type

Square palms with short fingers

  • Realistic and practical
  • Believers of long-term relationships
  • Lovers of nature

Fire type

Long/rectangular palms with short fingers 

  • Full of action and adventures
  • Get getter attitude 
  • Passionate leader 
  • Believer of love marriage

This is just a small introduction to what all your palm can reveal about your personality to know more look at your hand and introspect about yourself.

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