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Here’s How To Keep Your Kitchen Dry And Fresh During Monsoons

If you are looking for ways to keep your kitchen clean and dry during monsoons then these tips can help you.
  • Archana Kasana
  • Editorial
Published -22 Jun 2021, 18:25 ISTUpdated -22 Jun 2021, 18:19 IST
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After the hot and harsh weather conditions of summer, the monsoon brings relief. In the Indian households monsoon call out for a tea party along with some mouthwatering snacks. There’s no doubt that we all wait for the rains to enjoy a good quality time with friends and family. However, there is only one downside to this season which is the dampness and filthy smell in the kitchen. But with the help of a few tricks and hacks, you can easily make your kitchen feel fresh and dry. Let’s find out how.

A Good Spray

dry and fresh kitchen monsoon

Monsoons provide a perfect moist environment for mosquitoes and other harmful insects and bacteria to develop. These insects can enter your kitchen and ruin your walls, furniture, and even food. It always better to install a net outside the windows of your kitchen and invest in good mosquito repellents. The water logs after the rains can also lead to dengue and hence you should always be cautious and remove all the water from the buckets or utensils.


Keep your windows open with the net wired installed. Make sure to switch on your exhaust fan for proper ventilation. Keep doing regular checks and use disinfectants for making your kitchen clean, dry and get rid of any kind of dampness on the surface. Proper ventilation can also combat the dampness of the walls and prevent the smell in the kitchen.

Keep A Check On Leakage

Make sure to check any kind of leakage in the house especially in the kitchen before the monsoon starts. Rains can lead to overflow of the drains and leakages from the taps can make the situation worst.

Water Proof Coating

keep kitchen dry in monsoons

Apart from fixing the pipes and taps of the house, make sure to get waterproof coating before the rains. You need to be monsoon-ready to avoid last-minute hassle and dampness on the walls.

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Prevent The Fungus

The humid and moist content in the air with monsoons can lead to the development of molds and fungus on the walls. The fungus can be easily detected in the bathrooms, kitchen, and basement areas. To remove this pesky fungus, you need to use vinegar solution on the affected area and scrub it off gently from the tiles, walls, slabs of the kitchen. Again, ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen.

Invest In Good Mats

Water absorbent mats are great to combat the slipperiness on the kitchen floors and also keep it dry. Get a good dehumidifier if there is too much humidity in your area, a dehumidifier will absorb the excess moisture from the air and reduce the development of fungus, mold, or any other insect or bacteria.

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Keep Food In Air Tight Containers

fresh kitchen in monsoons

Keeping food in air-tight container jars is necessary to prevent the rotting of the food item and also combat the smell. During the monsoons, food items like salt or sugar can become hard and make other eatables like biscuits or snacks soggy. Air tight containers prevent the moisture from entering the jar and hence keeping the food fresh.

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