The Kapoor family, which is also called the first family of Bollywood, has contributed to the world of cinema for decades. Giving us stars since the time of Prithviraj Kapoor. The baton was passed down from Raj Kapoor to Shammi Kapoor to the very handsome Shashi Kapoor and then came to Rishi and Randhir Kapoor. In today's generation, we all know the Kapoor sisters Karisma and Kareena with the youngest being Ranbir, Aadar Jain. Next in line is our cute little Taimur Ali Khan who is already a big hit with the nation. The mix of Tagore, Pataudi, and Kapoor blood will surely be someone truly special and we can't wait to see him grow up until we enjoy his childhood. The entire clan is all so busy with so much going on in their lives. However, comes any occasion, they all try to meet up at the Kapoor mansion which is the first home of all the stars. 


Even during Rakshabandhan this year, the entire family got together, a much needed happy occasion after losing veteran actor Rishi Kapoor in April, who lost his battle with cancer. The family house was houseful with Alia Bhatt and Tara Sutaria joining in with their respective boyfriends Ranbir and Aadar. We caught a few glimpses of what the mansion looks like and here are a few pictures shared by the Kapoors on their Instagram accounts. 

kapoor house one

From spacious living rooms to bold interiors and royal furnishings, there is so much to see in the pics once you get past the entire clan together.  What one can't miss is that all the furniture is huge and upholstered with white, beige and golden being the dominant colours in the house. Spots of green thanks to the plants break the monotony and liven up the home decor, giving us ideas on what all can be done with indoor plants. 

kapoor house two

Earlier, even late Rishi Kapoor had given us a peek into the grandeur of the mansion.

kapoor house three

During Diwali or Ganesh Chaturti or even Christmas, the family celebrated together with complete fervour and the decorations are proof. 

kapoor house four

From the oldest to the youngest, the picture below is indeed overwhelming especially when these days families hardly spend time with each other. 

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kapoor house five

The picture of the third generation of these cousins on Rakhi reminds you of the power of a rakhi. No matter where the sisters and brothers are, they have to meet on this one dedicated day! 

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If you are done admiring the genes of the clan, take a few seconds to admire the huge windows behind with the gigantic painting.  

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kapoor house six

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kapoor house seven

Take some inspiration from this khaandaan which stays busy but when the occasion comes, they meet and spend time with each other and catch up with each other lives no matter what. 

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