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    Jeevika Sharma: Know All About The Tarot Card Reader And Guidance Counselor

    Read on to know about the journey and life of tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma.
    Published -17 Nov 2021, 15:31 ISTUpdated -17 Nov 2021, 15:54 IST
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    Jeevika Sharma is a Tarot Card Reader and Guidance Counselor. She has over 5 years of experience in her field. Jeevika's efforts are mainly towards helping people through Tarot cards.

    Tarot readings can also be used to know which path to choose for a better future. Read on to know all about Jeevika Sharma and her journey.

    Tell us about you and your journey.

    As for my journey, I wouldn't say that it was a hurdle-free journey. There were several occasions where I wanted to stop practicing tarot cards professionally. Because, to begin with, I never saw myself practicing tarot cards professionally. It all happened by chance. I had learned it for myself.

    How and why did you think of that or start it?

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    Originally, being a professional tarot card reader was never in cards. I leaned it out of sheer curiousity. Ever since I was little occult had always intrigued me.

    As a result of that, I learned tarot cards. The very thought of predicting the future or unearthing the past always excited me.

    A few years earlier I had learned palmistry but, detailed predictions through palmistry is really hard. So, when the opportunity showed itself I started learning tarot cards.

    What are the struggles and difficulties that you faced?

    blue jeevika sharma 

    In terms of difficulties, the foremost thing is that tarot cards aren't easy to learn and master, as opposed to popular belief.

    It took me a good two years to learn every aspect of tarot card reading. From learning their meanings to how to interpret them in different situations. I had no help. I learned it all by myself through trial and error.

    In the beginning, I never charged for a tarot reading. I wasn't doing it professionally. Only for friends and family. And, for a long time, I wasn't sure if my readings were correct despite seeing proof. Then after some time when I had had enough practice, I started charging people for reading.

    Normally, people start charging a month or two after learning. But, I don't think that's right.

    How did you come up with the idea and how difficult was it to execute?

    suit jeevika sharma

    I started learning tarot back in 2016 and, didn't start charging people till the mid of 2019.

    I wanted to transition to reading tarot professionally but, lacked confidence. By this time all my readings had proven to be accurate. And, all it took was a little push from a friend.

    A friend of mine had consulted me for a reading and advised that I should not do it free of cost. After that, I started charging people and began with a nominal fee.

    What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

    bench jeevika sharma 

    A big challenge came when my mother expired in the last quarter of 2019. That was a tough time for me as I had recently shifted to professional practice.

    For a month or two I tried to focus but, found it really hard. Then a few friends of mine helped promote my practice. They were actually my first clients as a professional tarot card reader.

    The next challenge came in the form of promoting my practice. Though my friends helped a little I didn't want to rely on them forever. So, I took the advantage I had as a blogger and started to promote on social media.

    It took a lot of time but, after almost a year started getting clients on a regular.

    Are there any regrets you hold?

    I can't think of any regrets because I don't have any. everything is just a learning experience. And, the biggest one for me was to learn how to deal with different people.

    Tell us about any life lesson/ incident that you would like to share with our readers?

    One thing which I learned is to never give a reading for free. People never appreciate free services.

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    What are your future plans?

    saree jeevika sharma

    Currently, my future plans are to be a better tarot card reader and help my clients with their problems.

    And, also to become a famous tarot card reader. (laughs)

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    What is your biggest achievement?

    When my clients come to me after some time to tell me that my readings helped them and made their life a little better, I find that an achievement.

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