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Jaya Ekadashi 2022: Know The Shubh Muhurat, Significance & Story Behind The Day

Let us know when Jaya Ekadashi will be celebrated this year and what is the importance of fasting on this day.   
Published -03 Feb 2022, 11:41 ISTUpdated -03 Feb 2022, 11:56 IST
  • Bhavishya Bir
  • Editorial
  • Published -03 Feb 2022, 11:41 ISTUpdated -03 Feb 2022, 11:56 IST
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Ekadashi has a special significance in Hinduism. There are two Ekadashi tithis every month, first in Krishna Paksha and second in Shukla Paksha. Thus, there are 24 Ekadashi tithis in a year and each day has its own significance. One of the most important Ekadashi is Jaya Ekadashi.

This ekadashi takes place in the month of Magha and it is believed that observing a fast on this date solves many problems of a person. According to the ancient belief, Lord Vishnu is worshipped with full devotion on the day of Jaya Ekadashi.

Worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day will help you get freedom from your troubles and the door of salvation is paved. Let us know from astrologer and Vastu Expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya when will Jaya Ekadashi fall this year and what is its significance.

Shubh Muhurat

expert jaya ekadashi

  • This year, the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Magha month i.e. Jaya Ekadashi will be celebrated on 12th February 2022, Saturday.
  • Ekadashi starts on 11th February, Friday afternoon from 01:52 pm
  • Ekadashi ends on 12th February, Saturday at 04:27 pm. 
  • Since Ekadashi falls on 12th February in Udaya Tithi, therefore, fasting and worshipping on this day will be beneficial.
  • Time for fasting: 13th February, Sunday from 07:01 am to 09:15 am.


vishnu jaya ekadashi

According to popular belief, Lord Vishnu is worshipped on the day of Jaya Ekadashi. Worshipping Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lakshmi on this day will help you to get rid of all the sins and this will also help you to get all your wishes fulfilled.

It is believed that a person who observes a fast on this day will be free from all the troubles. Jaya Ekadashi fasting is very beneficial for all people. According to the Puranas, observing Jaya Ekadashi fast gives salvation, freedom from sins and all the sufferings. Many problems are easily solved by observing a fast on Jaya Ekadashi.

Jaya Ekadashi Fasting Story

According to the legend of Jaya Ekadashi, once Devraj Indra was enjoying Gandharva music in the Nandan forest. At this time, Pushpanda and Chitrasen were also present. Along with them, Pushpanda’s daughter Pushpawati and Chitrasen’s wife, Malini were also present. Chitrasen and Malini came along with their son, Pushpavan and grandson, Malyavan.

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The Gandharva girl, Pushpavati laid eyes on Malyavan and was fascinated by him. Malyavan also admired her. As they were lost in each other, they started singing in an indescribable manner.  This enraged Indra and he considered it as an insult. Therefore, he cursed both of them. He sent both of them to the world of death in the form of man and woman in order to bear the consequences of their actions.

Due to this curse, both of them started to live their lives sadly on Earth in the Himalayas. In order to get their curse lifted, they decided to worship God and live their life with restraints. In the month of Magha on Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, both of them kept a fast for the entire day and worshipped Lord Vishnu.

In the morning, both of them got freedom from the dead world due to their virtuous efforts and went to heaven in the form of Apsara. Since that day, the importance of Jaya Ekadashi has increased.

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Method Of Worship

thali jaya ekadashi

  • On the day of Jaya Ekadashi, wake up early in the morning and take a bath. If it is possible, then wake up in the Brahma Muhurat on this day, take a bath and worship Lord Vishnu with full devotion.
  • If you are fasting, then after taking the resolution of fasting, take a stool and spread a red cloth on it. Now, place Vishnu idol on this stool along with Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Apply sandalwood on Lord Vishnu’s idol and put sindoor on Goddess Lakshmi’s idol. Then, offer flowers and bhog to the idols and worship with full devotion.
  • If you are fasting on this day, then have a fruit diet on this day. Even if you do not fast, it is recommended to have satvik food.
  • Keep in mind to not fight, not quarrel with anyone and follow satvik dharma on this day.
  • People observing a fast should avoid the consumption of salt in the food.
  • It is a belief that rice should not be consumed on Jaya Ekadashi.
  • Keep in mind that if you wear yellow clothes while worshipping, then it will be extremely fruitful.
  • Offer yellow coloured Prasad and fruits to Lord Vishnu.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam while worshipping the deity. Perform aarti and distribute Prasad to all the family members.
  • After fasting for the whole day, break the fast on the next day. 
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