Body positivity requires us all to be more conscious than ever. The movement is about avoiding and eliminating any kind of negative emotion about your body and looks. But if you go and check the matrimonial section of the newspaper then you should not be shocked to see so many people list ‘fairness’ of the bride as an important feature they’re looking for. Body positivity for such people is just a new age notion and doesn’t really have any benefits.

The reason is the most people in India who are not a part of the youth are very rigid is because they don’t understand mental health neither their own nor others’. We, therefore, spoke to a few middle-aged women who told us about their understanding of this movement.

Pause And Think

indian women on body positivity

Well, many people don’t even know about movement like body positivity. They are simply compelled to carry forward something they haven’t even given a thought to, living In unrealistic and fake things. 

Mrs. Rama Shukla a 44-year-old woman explained “I do want to support and promote body positivity as it is a good thing. And since two negatives make a positive we women have to bear with the negativities before understanding and explaining to others what body positivity is.” 

Recalling an incident from her life she said “The first time I wore a dress, I looked very fat and ugly and thought to myself if I am only made for sarees and suits” But then she realised that it is important to embrace herself as she is because if she won’t no one else will.  She thus goes to the mirror, and smiles each day, and tries to tell herself that “It’s not impossible but I’m possible” She further suggests all women pause and think about what they are taking ahead, what they are teaching to their children because that’s what will lay the foundation for tomorrow.

Women Want To Look Fairer

indian women on body positivity

Bharti Shah a local beautician about 38 years of age also spoke to us about body positivity. She explained to us that not all women want to understand and work for body positivity perhaps because they have been raised in such ways that they have turned rigid and unwelcoming to new concepts. 


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“Women come to my beauty parlour and ask me to make them fairer” exclaimed Bharti.  She also added that “It is important that as a beautician I make people look fairer and more beautiful but I can’t make anyone look more beautiful or less beautiful than they already are.”

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Women Should Become More Confident

indian women on body positivity

It is of extreme importance that women of today become confident. Women have been a suppressed section of society but their role in laying the foundation for the future is very important. 

Speaking to a Professor from Amritsar, Mrs. Beena Kumari we found out that all women and even men go through body shaming, we ourselves use body shaming as a way to make fun of someone jokingly which is wrong. “Body positivity comes from within, if you are happy about yourself you will radiate that energy to others as well” 

Therefore women must be strong and resilient and they must understand that fake beauty standards cannot be the bars for looks.  Wise men say Nobody is perfect but the wiser say that every ‘body’ is perfect.

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