Let’s accept that no matter how many bags we girls purchase in a year there will always be that one favorite we still like to carry for ages. We have carried it to our college and now we are taking it to the office too, it’s hard for us to let go of things that have so many memories attached to them. Moreover, it looks cool on you and has been your best investment in a long time. But what if its surface is screaming to get changed or modified at least? How? you ask Well, we have put down a list of ideas that you can consider for transforming your old bag into a new one.

Replace The Strap With A Scraf, Ribbon, or Chain

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You will need to go back to your art and craft classes to carry out this idea. Firstly, you need to detach your old strap of the bag and add a chain instead of it. If required you can stitch the chain from both sides. You can also cut out a small piece from your old strap and stitch it at the center of your new chain strap. It will give support to hand it on your shoulder and you won’t get chain marks or pain in your arm. The other way of doing this transformation is to wrap a ribbon around your old strap to hide the torn-out one with a cool ribbon. You either paste the ribbon after wrapping around at the end or you can simply tie a bow at both ends. You can also wrap a printed scarf around the strap if the ribbon is not your cup of tea.


Doing Embroidery or Pasting Stickers

add strickers or patches to old bag

If you’re having a plain solid bag then you can choose to do some embroidery on it making some flowers or simply adding your initials. However, if you’re some who is looking for quick fixes then there is nothing better than adding some cool stickers on the ripped patches. The only thing to keep in mind here is to throw the stickers or accessories randomly on the bag instead of putting it in alignment. The scattered stickers look funky and add a new dimension to your old ripped bag.


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Paint or Draw On Your Old Bag

old bag look new painting

There are special acrylic paints in the market that look great on your bag irrespective of its fabric whether it's leather, cotton, or synthetic. But, to attempt this style you need to make sure that your bag does not have any texture so that the paint can be applied easily. The world is your playground when it comes to choosing the patterns or designs to draw on the surface. It all depends on your taste and creativity what you would like to see on your bag. 

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Trendy Accessories 

old bag to new stylish baf pm pom

Along with stickers, paintings, or ribbons one thing that looks super cool with bags is colorful pom poms. You can easily get these pom poms from the market or make your own by sticking and cutting out old clothes or wool and place them on the zip. Pom poms add a new and groovy feel to your old handbags and make them look classy and very stylish.

We hope you found these transforming ideas for your old bag useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.

image courtesy: society6.com,unitude, unsplash