What takes your legacy forward is when you teach your kids to follow the traditions. Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow and keeping that in mind we have to ensure their safety in society and our homes otherwise they will take those scars to their future. You might be wondering why are we talking about this today. Well, since Holi is arriving in less than a week, we all are aware of how things go around that time everything is not for the kids to see or go through and that is why we have to prepare them for all the possibilities.  And with Covid cases on the rise again it has become even more crucial to train the kids as to how they can be safe during Holi this time. Below are the pointers you need to keep in mind.

Explain About The History And  Origin Of Holi

kids safety holi

One of the major things you need to keep in mind while starting your kids training for the festival is to teach them about the rich culture and story that led to the celebration of Holi. Kids’ minds are very fertile and telling them these things as interesting stories will help them with reasoning. Take him/her to the Holika Dehan where you can ask him to greet the other people present and will realise that story that has been told to him was real. This will make him more open to new things, make him more interactive and social.  

No Going Out Alone

Well, we as kids always used to play with our group of friends from the neighborhood. And similarly, your kid might want to leave for his friend’s place too. This is where you tell him that he must not go all alone on Holi. People throw colour, water(why you shouldn't use water based colours for holi), water balloons and these can hurt your kids, you will be able to help him if you are alongside but with no company, he could turn out to be worried and unhappy after being hurt. So, be all available for your kids’ this Holi and try to spend each moment with them.

Warn Them About Consent

kids safety holi

Teaching your kids about consent, right from a young age is very important these days. Especially during Holi, there are endless incidents happening that do not involve the consent of others. And when even adults are subjected to such absurd behaviors, kids fall under an even more vulnerable situation. Talk to them about the situations that can occur, tell me when to react and what to do in case anything of this sort happens to them.

Tell Them Not To Get Wet 

Explain the environmental loss of using too many commercial and artificial colours(make diy natural holi colours at home). Also, talk to them about how they must refrain from water colors and the use of water during Holi. Water wastage is a very big issue that needs to be addressed mainly during the time of Holi. Plus, water can be contaminated and unhygienic and may also lead to your kid catching a cold. Thus, it is better he stays away from water and such unruly celebrations.

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Some Other Things To Keep In Mind

kids safety holi

  • Oil your kid nicely rubbing over his scalp and skin.
  • Give them the rightfully covered clothes to wear.
  • Give them sweets to eat in limited quantities.
  • Get them an easy-to-handle water gun, this will make them super thrilled.
  • Warn them about maintaining distance and avoiding touch.
  • Ask him to remember emergency numbers.

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