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How To Look Tall In Pictures

Look picture perfect with these easy hacks.
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Social media has entered our lives in a way that it hasn't become a part of our lives, instead social media platforms have become our whole life. People go to extreme lengths in order to get that perfect picture to upload on social media and show it off to the world.

Some people want a picture on top of a mountain, some people want one under the sea and some people just want to look tall in their pictures. This is a small demand but not easily achievable. However worry not as we are here to help you. Here are a few hacks that will help you to look tall in all your pictures.

Low Angle

If you are trying to look taller in pictures, then make your photographer shoot you from a lower angle I stead of a higher angle or eye level. Make sure that the camera is in a low position with upward shooting angle. This will elongate your body, thus giving an illusion of a taller body.

One Leg Stretched Out

one leg look tall pictures

When you are getting yourself clicked, then keep this hack in mind as it is quite useful. Whether you are standing or sitting, stretching out one leg will always make you look taller. Just stretch your one leg forward, thus giving an illusion of a tall body. This trick will give an illusion of slender legs, therefore, you will look taller than you actually are.

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Be In Motion

motion look tall pictures

What is better than a candid shot and these candid shots are even better when they are perfectly planned out, obviously. This one is actually quite similar to the previous hack. When you are in motion which means when you are walking, your one leg is forward, thus making you look naturally. This way the photographer can capture you while you look lean as you are not leaning or slouching forward. This way an extra length is added to your pictures without much effort. 

Sit In Group Photos

group look tall pictures

Being the shortest one in the group can be embarrassing and you are especially reminded of it during group photos. In order to save yourself from embarrassment, you should grab a chair and sit down. There are chances that you may still look shorter but the height difference is less obvious. This is because while sitting you can't actually guess the correct height of a person. 

With this trick, you might not look taller but also, no one can point out you are the shortest one in the group. Thus, getting you what you want. 

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Proper Posture Is The Key

Posture is the most important thing while clicking a picture. Your body posture can make all the difference. If you are fatigued and are slouching forward, then it doesn't matter if you click 100 pictures, all of them will turn out to be bad. 

Just for one picture, try to stand straight, keep your chin up and head straight. This one will compensate for all the pictures and you will end up looking perfect and tall as you desire to be.

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