The Pandemic introduced a lot of new problems apart from those in the health care sector. From the immense toxic waste generation to the lack of space in the cremation grounds to a large number of kids being orphaned. Amongst all these raging issues the need of the hour is to understand that the lives and safety of the kids who lose their parents in the battle against Covid are extremely crucial.

The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic was far deadlier than the first one and now with predictions about the arrival of the third wave, things are starting to seem even worse and treacherous. Therefore it is our responsibility to extend support to those kids and here’s what to do if you find an orphaned kid in the pandemic.

What To Do If You Find An Orphaned Kid In The Pandemic

kids orphaned in covid

We know of so many cases where one of the parents of the kid has passed away due to the pandemic while the other is fighting it. What happens to the child in such cases? And what should you do as a responsible person in this situation?

If you find a kid who needs help through some people on social media then it is important for us to first verify the news and in case it is validated, then you should understand that this phase could be very intense and overwhelming for the child. Thus it is vital that you protect and pamper the child and not let anything or anyone harm him or her.

Also, do not update the social media with any picture or personal information of the child. This could be a threat to his/her safety. Further, this is a legal offense as the kid could face severe circumstances due to this.

Adoption Legalities To Know

kids orphaned in covid

  • If a child’s parents have been lost due to Covid 19 then that child is not sent for adoption directly as per Indian laws. So, you should remember that the adoption of a kid can only be done after a series of legal processes and formalities.
  • Immediately after you find a kid like that, you can take care of him/her and try to provide him the warmth, food, and other necessary things that he needs.
  • You can also inquire if there is someone to care for him/her in the family and call him to inform their whereabouts. 
  • But if that isn’t possible you should first and foremost call the National Childline number 1098 or National Protection for Child Rights number 18001212380 and give them the details of the child.

  • The government officials and people from child welfare NGOs will hence come into the picture and will try to find a foster home for the child.
  • If anyone from the family doesn’t come forward then the child might be sent to a children’s home.
  • After these processes, if someone is willing to adopt the child then you can appeal to the central agency CARA and after your background check, you can obtain permission to adopt the child.

Government Policies For Orphaned Kids

kids orphaned in covid

As per the PM cares for the children plan the kids orphaned due to Covid 19 will get :

  • Free Education
  • A monthly stipend post 18 years of age.
  • A fund of Rs. 10 lakhs from PM cares at the age of 23.
  • Medical insurance worth Rs. 5 lakhs until 18 years.
  • Also, the government would help with a loan for the higher education of the kids.

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