Will he/ she be gentle, understanding a person? Is patience going to be an issue? Is it possible that your partner too will have controlling issues or be very rigid? If you are wondering what your partner must be like and how will he or she treat you then here is what Tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma has predicted as per zodiac signs. 


aries partner treatment

Your partner will treat you as a medium for growth. They might want to use your contacts or finances to reach career heights. They would also look towards developing a strong bond with you and grow the relationship. They might keep a little distance but they will always be there to support you and celebrate your success.


taurus partner treatment

Your partner will treat you like a queen and will hand over the power to decide on major issues or to take major decisions. They could be mostly related to domestic affairs. For your partner you are the best decision maker, especially when the decisions are related to family or relationship is concerned.


gemini parner treatment

Your partner looks at you as their financial support. They will allow you to rule them or take lead in deciding on matters related to both of you. It is all because, so you never deny them financial support whenever they may feel the need.


cancer partner treatment

Your flippant behaviour confuses your partner about your feelings or intentions for them. On one hand, they might be serious and on the other hand, they might take you for granted. At one point, they are serious about you and, on the other hand, they run away from you. It is advisable for Cancerian to have clear intentions about your partner otherwise, they may never take either you or the relationship seriously.


leo parner treatment

Your partner will try to impose their rule over you. Your partner takes you as an obedient person who listens and obeys everything which they say. Moreover, it is likely that your partner might also take you for granted.


virgo partner treatment

Your partner will hold you in respect and, will look at you as their guide or advisor. Virgo gives their partner good advice or suggestion which helps in the financial growth as well as, in the growth of the relationship.

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Your partner might not take you seriously, nor will they take major initiatives towards you. And, the reason would be that you always seem disappointed with them which reflects in your behaviour. They will shy away from giving you the special treatment that you seek.


Your partner looks at you as a good friend who understands them well and guides them towards a better path. As for your partner, you have the tendency to read the person or to know them well. 


Your partner may lookout for possibilities to be with you whenever possible to build a stronger bond with you. They look at you from a perspective to help them understand your vision. Your partner may not be able to accompany you every time and may end up leaving you alone for some time which could be disheartening for you.

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You might be the world to your partner on one hand and on the other, a hurdle in their path leading to sorrow. They will treat you like a flower with is delicate and needs a little pampering from time to time. Your partner will see you as a way to experience life.


Your partner thinks of you as their personal trouble-shooter. Whenever you solve all their problems they are the most elated.


pisces partner treatment

Your partner will treat you as per every situation or whatever suits them. If you are active you will be treated as an active participant in decision making, when you try to show your dominance by directing them or instructing them, your partner will see you as a burden. And, whenever you are enraged and try to show them your anger, your partner will hardly think anything of you. They will start treating you as someone of inconsequence.

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