Holi 2021 is almost here and we are sure that you are planning something big for the day of colours. Well, if you are it is fair enough. The last year was full of gloom with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping over us and we couldn’t celebrate our special times like we usually do.

But do not worry at all, here you have the excuse and the golden opportunity to rock this year and fill your lives with happiness and laughter. Therefore, this year’s Holi party has to be super fun and amazing. All you have to keep in mind is the safety of you, your friends and your family since the COVID-19 positive cases are on the rise again, it is crucial for you to be careful without compromising on the celebration.

Take a look at some cool ideas that you can use to rock your Holi get-togethers.

Work On The Theme

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The essence and the theme for Holi are colours, therefore you need to be very colourful and vibrant in your approach towards setting up your party area.  No one would really mind if you overdo the decor and the colours. Because “ Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”.

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Once you are through with the theme and planning you can move on and start planning. We would also like to keep the vibe of the party Desi by using copper utensils or just some ancient stuff.  This will look very cool for Holi and will also add to the beauty of the party.

The Right Kind Of Music

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For everyone to open up on Holi, there is only one therapy and that is great music. Pre-plan your Holi playlist by adding some of the country’s best Holi songs, the best dance songs and then the best friendship and togetherness songs.  

Preparing the playlist will help you get into the dancing mood easily. Also prepare for a solid sound system because the main aspects of Holi celebration are dancing, making merry(movies to watch this Holi) and eating great food.  Also, take initiative and start dancing, then ask others to join. Ask the beats to become groovier, you will gradually start giving yourself in the Holi fun.

The Best Kind Of Food

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Food arrangements are the highlights of any Holi celebration. Afterall Holi is all about great Indian dishes prepared with love by your family right at home. This time do not try to add in a lot of western dishes. Keep it all colourful and Indian. From gujiyas, to namak pares, to thandai(Thandai variations to try this Holi) and many other options for you to consider adding in your party menu. Do keep a balanced amount o sweets and salty stuff to maintain a proper balance.

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Play Cool Games 

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You can’t skip out on the games when you have such a big clan partying with you. So, playgroup party games like passing the parcel, dumb charades and singing challenges,  also keep punishments and gift gifts for the losers and the winners. 

This will improve the interaction of the people with each other and will definitely set your party on fire. 

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