Gemstones are powerful and magnificent stones that have been around for centuries, exhibiting their power and healing energies to support mankind and enhance our lives. While over time people have started reading gemology and discovered the innumerable benefits of gemstones yet the understanding around these is still limited.

People are often misled by the information regarding the benefits and properties of a particular gemstone. Astrologer Pankaj Khanna, Founder and MD, Gem Selections told HerZindagi that "due to this limited knowledge, some people also believe that diamond is the rarest gemstone that mankind has discovered. However, this is not true. Several other gemstones have been around for centuries and are rarer than diamonds. The benefits of these have been studied and today they are available for the common man to buy and add the elements of positivity in their life."

Here is a list by Mr. Khanna of gemstones that are rarer than diamonds



This violet-blue stone that occurs in a very limited region of Tanzania is one of the rarest stones that has intense reflection and can even give a tough competition to sapphire. The stone exhibits pleochroism and hence it may appear as violet, blue, green-yellow, or even brown depending on the angle that you see it from.

Burma Ruby

burma ruby

While Ruby is a rare stone, those found in Myanmar (formerly Burma) are rarer and exhibit exceptional properties. While ruby from Thailand has a high iron content, those from Myanmar have very low iron content. This is based on geographical locations. Hence Burma Ruby transmits fluorescence like no other Ruby stone with more vibrant reds.



Jadeite is generally known for its bright electric green color but it comes in several other colours such as orange-red, blue, lavender, yellow and black. Some Jadeites are even colourless, making it a stone with numerous facets. The value of this stone depends on its translucence and texture. The best quality Jadeite will appear like a drop of oil or a water droplet. This unique appearance is what makes it a rare gemstone.

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This gemstone was discovered back in 1830 in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The stone has traces of chromium with a crystal structure which provides it with unbelievable colour-changing abilities. The stone is seen as emerald green or peacock blue in the day and ruby red in dim light. Though with globalisation the gemstone is available in Brazil and few other locations, it is still very rare.

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This beautiful, rare gemstone has been declared as a new organic gemstone by the World Jewellery Confederation. The gemstone is found in the Rocky Mountains and is the rarest of the rare gems in the world. The stone exhibits an amazing play of colors, no matter from which angle you view it, and this is the reason why it is considered so unique. Mining this gemstone is a cumbersome process and hence it is rare to find the gemstone which leads to its high price, but it is worth its cost.

Apart from the above gemstones, there are few other gemstones like Kashmir sapphire, natural pearl, red beryl, and benitoite which are also considered rarer than a diamond. The world is full of gemstones.

You must have the insight and knowledge to buy the best one. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on gemology.