Today is a really special day for Hindus. We will get to see a full moon in the sky. It will be first time in 20 years that the date will coincide with Friday, 13th. We will witness the full moon or the harvest moon after a long time. 

It is called the harvest moon because it rises 50 minutes after sunset. The bright moonlight of the full moon is said to be helpful for farmers in harvesting summer crops. 

This one is also scaring a lot of people because of the date. It is 13th and the number has a bad reputation, it is considered unlucky. It is said it is not a complete number. The last time this happened was in the year 2000. It was October 13, 2000. 


This full moon will have a different impact on all the zodiac signs. Our astrology expert has shared this prediction with us. 


The full moon will be very fruitful for this sun sign. 


More work and opportunities will find your way after this full moon.


Your luck will be with you.


Full harvest moon will bring stress for this sun sign. 


Leos can look forward to more happiness and love in their life. 


Virgos will have to face more enemies after the full moon.


You will face financial loses after this period.


You will get a lot of love from your mother. 

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There are chances you get benefits from ancestral property.


People with this sun sign will get financial profits.


The harvest moon will have a negative impact on this sun signs prestige.

The full moon will coincide with this date in the year 2049 now.