10 Feminist Artists To Follow On Instagram For A ‘Hatke’ Take On The World

If you are bored of scrolling through Instagram reels, follow feminist artists for a vibrant dose of colours and concepts.
Krati Purwar

Through their artwork, feminist artists in India are offering a new take on a  world ridden with patriarchy. Their inclusive, modern and vibrant art pieces talk about women’s sexuality, smashing the patriarchy and body positivity. Let’s surf through their colourful work.


1 Kully Rehal (@kully_rehal)

Kully Rehal’s illustrations show women owning their desire and smashing stereotypes. In the above work of art, she is asking today’s women to go out of their ways and ‘scandalise aunties a bit’. Her other art pieces feature an auntie as Wonder Woman and Spider-Woman, aiming to depict every woman as a superwoman.

10 Mounica Tata (@doodleodrama)

Mounica’s illustrations are all about body positivity and accepting the imperfections without getting affected by the ‘ideal’ image on television. She also uploads a few puns from the everyday life of a woman. The relatable humour will have  you scrolling endlessly. 

2 Mira Felicia Malhotra (@kokumkohla)

Mira Felicia Malhotra is a visual artist with a series of artworks under the umbrella of ‘Haseena Paseena’. The work depicts women who are into fitness and have outgrown the ‘outdated standards of body conformity’. Her other work of art features queer people painting a rainbow and smashing the patriarchy.

3 Priyanka Paul (@artwhoring)

The illustration of Priyanka Paul talks about unattainable beauty standards for women and how women are beautiful in their own way. The above piece has a line that reads, “I’m infinitely more important than how much the world deems me to be based on how I look, and beauty has no power on me.”


4 Tara Anand (@taraanandart)

Tara Anand’s work of art depicts the everyday hustle of a modern woman. The above piece of art was the cover of Femina magazine, July 2021 edition. Her art is relatable and revolves around current affairs. One of the pieces of May 2021 had people partying wearing face masks and shields.

5 Shilo Shiv Suleman (@shiloshivsuleman)

Based in Bengaluru, Shilo Shiv Suleman is a contemporary artist whose work is focused on gender issues. She plays around the intersection between body and art to illustrate the struggles and issues of women. She is also known for crafting murals with messages during the Shaheen Bagh protests in New Delhi. 

6 Damini Gupta (@inkstadam)

Damini Gupta’s paintings revolve around sassy modern women who do not care about the gender norms set by society. Her work breaks gender stereotypes and talks about body positivity. One of the works shows a curvaceous woman in a bikini, reaffirming the narrative that a ‘bikini body’ is a body you put a bikini on.

7 Hana Shafi (@frizzkidart)

Hana is focused on body positivity and self-love art. Through her work, she sends a message to every woman to love and accept herself the way she is. In one of the artworks, the woman says, ‘Beauty is constructed. I am not interested.’

8 Babneet Lakhesar (@babbbuthepainter)

Babneet’s painting showcases Indian women in traditional clothes and golden jewellery but does not give a damn about what the world has to say. Her work also focuses on gender identities and women with unconventional lifestyles.

9 Kaviya Ilango (@kaviya.ilango)

Kaviya Ilango’s work showcases women owning their sexualities and bodies. It emphasises that women neither dress up to impress men nor to send an invitation. Her ‘100 Days Of Dirty Laundry’ is a series that also focused on establishing that nudity in our movies and series caters to the male audience.