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    5 Female Comedians You Should Follow On Instagram For Your Daily Dose Of Laughter

    If you are having a bad day or need a break in the office, follow these female comedians on Instagram for your daily dose of laughter.
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2022-11-26,11:45 IST
    five female comedians to follow on instagram for daily dose of laughter

    What is the world without laughter? Nothing. While initially, comedy used to be a side profession for many, digital platforms like Instagram and YouTube have helped people to showcase their talent and earn good bucks.

    While there are many stand-up comedians, it is female content creators on Instagram who ensure that we have a daily dose of laughter. They post reels on everyday musings that make us wonder - ‘that was me’. 

    Here is a list of six female comedians you should follow on Instagram.



    She has one of the most fun feeds on the platform. Most of her recent videos are about friendships and the struggles of adulting. Her latest video was a parallel drawn between how weddings look in films vs reality.

    When she talks about adulting, almost everyone in their 20s can relate to her and be like ‘true that’. She was recently a part of Meta Content Creator Day 2022.

    Cajole Kapoor

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    If you are tired of your hectic life and mundane responses from HRs, you should follow Cajole Kapoor on Instagram. She makes videos inspired by real and office life. Many of her reels are also quite informative.

    For example, in one of the recent videos, she talked about ‘Recruiter Red Flag’. ‘Over here, we are not a team, we are a family,’ ‘In this role, you will be wearing a lot of hats, so do not go by the job description,’ ‘It is officially a five-day work week, but we might need you to be available on the weekends, you know just in case,’ etc. 

    Ankita Sahigal

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    Ankita Sehgal has an amazing page with reels varying from weddings to marriages and babies. In one of her videos, she sang a song for all the mothers-in-law in the world. It says that a daughter-in-law is in no way a maid, and your son, if married, can take care of himself rather than his wife picking and cleaning up after him. 

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    Her recent video was about how new mothers post statuses with their babies. She jokingly said that the world is waiting for Alia Bhatt to post such statuses on social media with her newborn daughter.

    Harshita Gupta

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    Harshita Gupta is another female comedian you should follow on Instagram to have a few laughs in a day. She posts reels around relationships with partners and parents. 

    One of the most viral videos is of Father Dropping Truth Bombs on Boyfriend. In this, she requests her father to have a conversation with her partner. However, he, on the other hand, shares quirks like how his daughter loves midnight snacking, wakes up late and does not know how to cook.

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    RJ Karishma

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    There is no one who does not know about Karishma’s equation with her father, mother, brother and nani (maternal grandmother). She is most loved in videos where she plays the daughter-in-law as well as the mother-in-law.

    The love-hate relationship that she shows through her reels is one of our favourites. The comedian and radio jockey made a few funny videos with cricketers while she was in Australia during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament. You should definitely scroll through her feed if you are having a bad day. 

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