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6 Women Share The Best Life Advice Their Dads Gave Them

Women in their twenties reveal the best pieces of advice their fathers gave them that help them go on in life.
Published -06 Jun 2022, 12:39 ISTUpdated -06 Jun 2022, 16:09 IST
wisest advices shared by father

Fathers are the biggest supporters for many. While some fathers find it difficult to express their love, they all do so by attempting to make their children's lives easier. From the first time we met them to the present day and for the rest of our lives, we have believed that we couldn't do anything as good without our father. This is because he has taught us and done so much for us throughout the years.

Fathers are a rock of strength for many people. From helping us walk to teaching us to speak and, once we've grown up, providing us guidance. 

6 people have revealed some of the best and wisest advice that they received from their dads that has helped them succeed in life. Take a look:

1. Always Be Grateful For The People Around You And Let Them Know

Always Be Grateful For The People Around You

“My father has given me some great advice from time to time. For me, the most memorable ones are: being grateful and polite. A simple thank you goes a long way toward building a good relationship. Also, always be grateful to the people that exist around you and always let them know that you are glad that they exist. So I believe that being appreciative is a really important trait that allows us to live a simple and down-to-earth life.”

-Sayli Dhodapkar, 21 years old

2. Nothing Is Greater Than Mental Peace

“Once I came home after a hard day at work. A couple of people had a fight, a few had resigned. It was bad. I shared it with my father, and he said that whatever happened has happened. It did not have anything to do with you. You continue doing your work, giving your best. However, if the environment affects your mental peace, QUIT! We will earn more money but nothing compares to your happy face.”

-Krati Purwar, 27 years old

3. Make Yourself The Boss In Every Field

“My uncle, who is like a father figure to me, has given me two very important pieces of advice. Firstly, be the boss wherever you are. Be it in your home for cleaning, cooking for yourself or your loved ones, or being in a meeting in the office. Secondly, Be financially independent. He told me that he doesn't want me to be dependent on anyone for anything, especially a man, even if that someone is him.”

-Shivangani Singh, 22 years old

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4. Expecting The Perfect Reaction From Others Isn't Realistic

Expecting The Perfect Reaction From Others Is not Realistic

“When I was in 8th standard, my favourite teacher scolded me when I informed her that I handed my notebook to a friend to help her finish her work, and she took it home and she is absent today. Teacher thought I was making excuses for not finishing my work. I was very upset when I got home. When I told my father about it, he said that the teacher may not have behaved appropriately to the situation, but this isn't an ideal world, and I can't expect everyone to behave perfectly. We have no control over how other people act, but we do have power over how we react in certain situations. So perhaps I might come up with a better manner to express my thoughts so that the person in front of me has nothing to complain about. And if they continue to do so, remember that no one is ideal, therefore you should expect people to say hurtful things to you. But if I keep this in mind, it may hurt less.”

–Aadya Kumar, 25 years old

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5. Don’t Give Up Before Giving Your Best

Do not Give Up Before Giving Your Best

“My father keeps repeating these lines that keep me motivated: In the game of life, be cool as ice, be sturdy as rock, and be determined as an ant who keeps climbing the wall after every fall until it reaches its final destination."

–Mehak Jain, 24 years old

6. Start With WHY

"When I was stuck in a situation, my father advised, "Start with WHY whenever you're in doubt. WHY will keep giving you reason until you have the final answer. If you are doing something, and you don't know the reason, ask yourself why. Eventually, one would not feel lost." This is one of the best pieces of advice I received from my father."

–Amulya Joshi, 20 years old

What is one piece of advice from your father that keeps you going forward?  Share it with us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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