The pandemic continues to pose significant challenges to the world. It has brought in major changes in our lifestyle. A myriad of get-togethers like festivals and marriages had to be either cancelled or cut short. Durga Puja is here: it is one such festival that is celebrated with great pomp and show in almost every part of the country. However, this year people are going to celebrate the festival with precautions, many are considering celebrating the puja at their homes. Celebrating festivals require a lot of preparation with many get confused about how to decorate their house. To ease your work of decoration we are here with a list of seven ideas for your house by Mr. Niraj Johri (founder & CEO of Casa Decor) that can work wonders.

Lamps And Lighting

candle durga puja home decor

In India, lighting diyas and candles on festivals is a tradition as these are symbolic of our journey to enlightenment. Lighting candles and lamps mean the non-existence of darkness and evil forces. This is a part of prayer and Durga puja is one of the biggest festivals of India which is celebrated for nine days. This Durga Puja let us decorate the house with lamps and lights by illuminating our hearts with love.


vase durga puja home decor

Vases are one of the most alluring decorative items. The ancient Egyptians are known to be the earliest civilisation to have utilised it for decorative purposes. To celebrate Durga Puja in a special way by decorating your house, Vases are an ideal decorative item. It comes in different sizes and style golden pewter flower vase, Nordic tooth flower vase, silver alchemy flower vase, etc.

Plant Stand

The lush flowers and foliage of indoor plants add greenery to our surroundings. To keep indoor plants, one needs to have plants stand. Various plant stands are available in the market like wooden, marble, metal, etc. Plant stand can be kept anywhere in the office or house. All the plant stands are unique décor elements on their own. It’s interesting how architects, interior designers or decorators love plants stand as part of interior space.

Trays And Bowls

bowl durga puja home decor

Looking to organize your home at a reasonable price this Durga Puja? Here's why trays and bowls are one of the most versatile décor solutions ever. Dark truffle table tray, Sylvan treen bowl, Royal pedestal wooden bowl are some of the wooden trays and bowls which are in great demand this season. Customers are also eagerly buying marble (how to clean marble floors) trays and bowls this Navratri.

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Hooks On Board

hooks durga puja home decor

Maximize the house space for this Durga Puja with varieties of hooks that are available in the market. These wooden and metal wall hooks have the capacity to make customers’ rooms look larger by elevating the style of any space. The designs and colours of the materials used to create these wall hooks will suit every interior. The hooks available in the market are meticulously designed to fulfil the demand of every customer.

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Wall Shelf

When one is to mention the decorative hardware item for a house, the word wall shelf strikes everyone’s mind. Wall shelves from an early age have occupied a very special place in any household as one cannot stuff things in the cupboard, suitcases or in boxes. A Wall shelf is a convenient option to store frequently used items.

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Wall Décor

wall durga puja home decor

A Wall décor can enhance the look of your living room. These can make your boring wall look beautiful and stylish. So, if you are planning to decorate your house this Durga Puja, then decorate it with a lovely wall décor.


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