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Why you Shouldn’t Water Tulsi Plant On Sunday & Ekadashi Day

Did you know that it is considered inauspicious to water Tulsi plant on Sunday or Ekadashi day.
Published -04 Jun 2022, 14:32 ISTUpdated -04 Jun 2022, 14:32 IST
watering tulsi main

Verified by Astrology and Vastu expert, Pandit Prashant Mishra: The Tulsi plant is known as the most sacred plant in Hinduism. It is found in almost every Indian Hindu household and it is believed that with this plant, Goddess Laxmi resides in the house. Along with this, Lord Vishnu also blesses the house. 

Tulsi is also considered quite beneficial for us as it has several medicinal properties that can help to heal our bodies. Also, special importance has been given to this plant in Vastu Shastra.

According to Shastra, the tradition of planting Tulsi in the house and watering it every day has been going on since ancient times. However, there are some days when it is forbidden to offer water to the Tulsi plant. These days are Sunday and Ekadashi day. It is believed that if you water the Tulsi plant on Sundays or Ekadashi day, then it can get spoiled. 

Let us know from Astrology and Vastu expert, Pandit Prashant Mishra about the religious reasons behind why the Tulsi plant shouldn't be watered these days. 

Why You Should Not Offer Water To Tulsi Plant On Sunday

ekadashi watering tulsi

Hindu people use the Tulsi plant in all kinds of religious and auspicious work. It is considered quite beneficial to water the Tulsi plant every day. However, you should avoid watering it on Sunday. This is because, it is believed that Goddess Tulsi fasts for Lord Vishnu on Sunday and if you offer her water on this day, then her fast will be broken. 

It is also believed that if you offer water to the Tulsi plant on a Sunday, then negative forces will reside in your house. Due to this, you might face some troubles in life and Goddess Laxmi also gets angry. 

Why You Should Not Offer Water To Tulsi On Ekadashi

According to the religious beliefs, it is said that Goddess Tulsi was married to Shaligram, a form of Vishnu on Ekadashi. Both of them were actually married on Dev Uthani Ekadashi with all the rituals. 

It is also believed that Goddess Tulsi observes a fast on Ekadashi and if you offer water on this day, then the fast will break. In the anger of this, the plant also starts to dry up. 

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Tulsi Plant: Remedies For Happiness & Prosperity

direction of tulsi for wealth

According to astrology, fill a brass vessel with water, add 4-5 Tulsi leaves and keep it aside. Let it be overnight and sprinkle the water on the main door in the morning. This will let the negativity leave your house and let the positivity reside in it. 

By offering raw milk to the Tulsi plant on Thursday, all your wishes will be fulfilled and your house will be filled with happiness and prosperity. 

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Placement Of Tulsi Plant At Home For Prosperity

  • It is auspicious to grow it in the north, east or north-east direction. 
  • Make sure the Tulsi plant is getting enough sunlight and air. 
  • Always keep the surroundings clean.
  • Do not keep dustbins, shoes or broomsticks near the Tulsi plant. 
  • Do not place it near the cactus or thorny plants since this will attract negative energy and bad luck. 
  • You should always plant it on a platform and not directly on the ground. 
  • Plant the Tulsi plant in odd numbers like one, three, five, etc.

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