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What Is The Difference Between Casual Dating And Relationship

Read on to know if you are in a serious relationship or just dating casually.
Published -26 Jan 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -26 Jan 2022, 09:22 IST
casual dating relationship main

There is a lot of difference in a serious relationship and dating casually. People don’t usually understand the difference and confuse the two. If you are wondering whether your relationship is a serious one or you guys are just casually dating, then we are here to help you. Read on to know the difference between casual dating and a serious relationship and then, decide for yourself.

Together In Happy And Sad Times

Dating: You are together only in your happy days when everything is okay and disappear when things get hard.

Relationship: You promise to stay together in all the ups and downs, you give each other physical strength to face everything.

Feelings Of Love

special casual dating relationship

Dating: You feel for more than one person at a time and you are not sure what love is so you end up breaking multiple hearts.

Relationship: When you are in a serious relationship and love your partner, then your feelings never change. You want that one person to stay in your life forever.

Special Treatment

love casual dating relationship

Dating: You don’t really treat them differently or special from anyone else. You are mutually together just for the sake of it.

Relationship: You get excited to see each other, put extra effort into your relationship. And make sure to keep that passion alive.

Comfort Level

care casual dating relationship

Dating: You are not comfortable being yourself in front of the other person. You keep things to yourself and don’t share your feelings openly with each other because you are just afraid that the other person might judge you.

Relationship: You discuss every little thing and tell the smallest detail about your day to your partner because it makes you happy. You are not afraid to be yourself because you know that the other person will not judge you for your quirks and loves your each and every thing.

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Emotions Of The Other Person

Dating: You don’t love each other and you only have temporary feelings for your partner because you hardly care. You don’t feel the need to be bound by that person and you just jump from one person to another.

Relationship: You see a future with your partner and them a part of all your goals and ambitions. You include them in your every plan about the future. Your actions speak that you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life together.

Low Moments In Life

hard casual dating relationship

Dating: You stay absent from each other’s life whenever you have an emotional breakdown and there is no commitment.

Relationship: You are emotionally attached to each other and no matter what, you never leave their hand in most difficult times.

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Dating: You only think about yourself and don’t try to understand the other person. You constantly complain and blame each other because you are self obsessed in the relationship. You don’t think about the other person and don’t consider each other’s feelings.

Relationship: You make sacrifices and little changes in your life in order to incorporate the other person in your life. You care about their happiness and think about their needs. The other person also cares the most about you.

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