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House Warming: Party Ideas For Less Than Rs. 500/-

Got a new house? Throw your friends a super chill yet affordable party! 
Published -23 May 2022, 16:24 ISTUpdated -23 May 2022, 16:33 IST
cheap house warming party ideas

Shifting houses has been one stagnant thing. Everybody ends up buying a new home once in a while. With a new house, comes a big party for your friends and family. 

Even if your house is small, your friends would love to have a get-together and chill with the gang. A party is never about how grand it is, it is more about how you chose to enjoy the occasion. Even with a budget of Rs. 500, there’s so much you can do and more! 

Here’s a list of ideas we think are best for your next housewarming party!

Cupcakes Party 

desert party for housewarming

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? You can have a whole cupcake party with your friends. You will not have to invest much, just keep a variety of cupcakes on the platter. 

You can have a huge table in the middle of your living room and set the cupcakes on it. Let there be a variety like blueberry, choco-chip, vanilla, and many more. You can experiment with other cupcakes that have characters made on them too! 

Nobody ever says no to a cupcake, but be sure that the cupcakes are not too sweet as they could end up giving one of your friends a sugar rush

TIP- Make the cupcakes even cheaper by baking them yourself or along with your friends!

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Board Games 

board games for housewarming

Accept it or not, everybody has had the time of their lives playing board games when they were young. From ludo to snakes and ladder, there’s nothing a kid ever misses out on. 

With new board games on the market, you can plan a board game-themed party with your friends. You can go for classic games like Jenga or Monopoly, which are extremely fun to play with friends or family. 

You can find board games in your own house or even go out buying a new set, which too will be cheaper! For a board game party, you need to have an open space to play in. A place that is packed with things in and around will only hinder your enjoyment. 

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byob for house warming

Alcohol has indeed been an expensive affair, but what party has ever been fun without some booze? The best way to make it as cheap and as comfortable as possible is to ask them to bring their booze. This will allow them to bring the alcohol they desire to drink, with the quantity in mind while you keep your focus on the ambiance of your house. 

BYOB party is a safer way to go as all you have to do is keep mixers and a good decor for the party. It lessens the burden on the person who’s hosting the party. 

How are you planning on throwing your housewarming? Connect with us over our official Instagram account and drop in a comment. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks for your next big party!


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