Bollywood has been a very important part of our lives. This is something that truly unites us. No matter how different we are as people, there is one thing that is definitely common between us, and that is our love for Bollywood. The songs, the casting, the stories, absolutely everything about Bollywood makes us feel right at home! However, the one thing that really stands out about Bollywood are the dialogues. Some dialogues in Bollywood straight up reach our hearts. They may be about life, love or friendship, they stay with us even long after the movie has been forgotten. 

Some dialogues get famous, like “Pushpa, I hate tears”, but some dialogues, they make us feel. In this article, we have listed some of the best dialogues of Bollywood movies that we will never truly get over!

“Babu Moshai, Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahi”

(It means, don’t focus on having a long life, focus on living a meaningful life)

best bollywood dialogues anand

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This dialogue of Rajesh Khanna from the movie Anand hits us differently. This one is for all those times when we have faced a trade-off between something that is a risk and something that ensures stability. This is for all those times we have chosen the risk because we want to live, not survive. This is for all the times we have added life to days, instead of days to life!

“Mard Khaana Banaye Toh Kala Hai, Aurat Banaye, Toh Uska Farz Hai.”

(When a man cooks, its an art, but when a woman cooks it her responsibility)

famous bollywood dialogues english vinglish

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This movie, ‘English-Vinglish’ overall made us feel how we have normalised being ill-treated or ill-treating our mothers on the basis of our narrow mentality of English superiority. This particular dialogue makes us realise how many times we have felt privileged if the man of the house cooks. We consider ourselves lucky. We forget that whether we, the women, work or not, kitchen is by default our responsibility. This dialogue makes us see how we have been designed to follow certain stereotypes. 

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“Bachpan Mujhse Kehta Hai Main Bohot Special Hu, Lekin Usko Toh Maine Kuchal Diya”

(My childhood always reminds me of how special I am, but I have crushed it)

tamasha best movie dialogues

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‘Tamasha’ as a movie was a metaphor of how we are so busy following the herd mentality that we have forgotten what we truly wanted to be. It reminds us how as we grow up, we feed off the dreams of the child in us, we kill it, only to become robots. This particular dialogue is also about how as a child, we were hopeful, we were confident that we will get to places, we knew we’d make it big. As we kept growing up, the hope in us died. No, we killed it. 

“Main Udna Chahta Hu, Daudna Chahta Hu, Girna Bhi Chahta Hu. Bas, Rukna Nahi Chahta”

(I want to fly, run, and even fall. I just never want to stop)

famous movie dialogues yeh jawani hai deewani

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We all have at some point of time put ourselves in the shoes of Bunny. We have all wanted to be Bunny and leave the boring lives that we are leading, break the monotony and fly. This dialogue is for all of us who know what is at stake but still dare to risk it. This is for all of us who have so much passion that people almost think of us as crazy. So much determination, that we maybe interpreted as selfish. Bunny taught us how if following your passion makes you selfish, then selfish is good. 

“Hamare Yaha Ghadi Ki Sui Character Decide Karti Hai”

(In our country, time decides the character of a female)

This movie as a whole was extremely powerful. It shut down all those people who judge women on the basis of their attire, their profession, time they reach home etc. There are many other dialogues in the movie that we relate to, like “No means no!” The movie ‘Pink’ has touched the perfect topics with extremely well written dialogues!

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These were a few dialogues from our loved Bollywood movies. Stay tuned for more such content!