Selling a property isn't really an easy task. It is a long and complex process but there are times we want it to sell fast. Some common reasons behind it can be you moving out of the city or in an urgent need of a big amount of money. 

If you have been trying hard, going from one real estate broker to another to sell off your property but unable to find a buyer then you can try some astro remedies. 

Be it a residential or commercial property, you will be able to sell it off quickly by following these Astro tips by Astrologer Sonia Malik. Read on. 

Yellow Mustard Seeds

If you have an old office or home to sell then take a handful of yellow mustard seeds there. Spread it all over the place, all the rooms. Make sure you don't leave any area. Let it be there for a week. After 1 week, go and collect them all and leave them in flowing water. 

Collect Dust From The Property

property selling tips

Take a broom to the property and clean it properly. Collect the dust on a piece of paper and wrap it. Leave this dust in a flowing river and while doing it, wish that the property sells quickly. 

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Get Lord Hanuman's Sindoor

Go to any Lord Hanuman temple and ask the priest to give you some sindoor from his idol. Take this sindoor to your property and make a Swastik at the entry gate. Pray to Lord Hanuman to help you sell off the property. 

Place 2 Foods At The Ishan Kon

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For those who don't know, the Ishan Kon of any house according to Vastu Shastra is in the north-east direction of the house. This direction is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Place 1 kg chana dal and 1 kg gur or jaggery at this corner. Make sure you keep it at a dry and safe place for a week. After a week, feed the dal and jaggery to a cow. 

Look For Any Junk At The Brahma Sthan 

Often, we end up keeping so many useless things inside our houses. If you have some junk kept in the property you want to sell then this can be one reason why you are failing to sell it quickly. Check for anything on the Brahma Sthan. The Brahma Sthan of any house is the center of the house. It should be clear all the time. This will help bring positive vibes inside that property and help you sell it quickly. 

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Chant Goddess Laxmi Mantra

Selling off your property is directly linked to money and another easy way to attract more energy to your property is by chanting Goddess Laxmi's mantra. It is the easiest mantra 'Shree'. You can chant it 108 times everyday. You can also chant the Laxmi Suktam as it is considered beneficial.


Also, check for any 'vastu doshas' in your property if any as they can be one of the reasons behind your property not getting sold off easily. We hope these astrological remedies help you sell your property quickly. For more such Astro tips, stay tuned!