Aries: Know About Love Life & Nature By Astrologer

If your zodiac sign is Aries, then know about your love life and nature by our astrologer & vastu expert, Dr. Aarti Dahiya.

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All the 12 zodiac signs are special in their own way. All the zodiac signs have different natures and have an individual identity. When we talk about the nature and personality of the zodiac signs, then some people are soft and some are hard. The nature of a person depends upon their zodiac sign.

Although it is difficult to determine a person’s nature but astrology experts can get all kinds of information. If you also want to know about the nature of your zodiac, then we will tell you about all 12 signs.

Aries Personality Traits

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Let’s start with Aries. Read on to know about the nature of the first zodiac sign i.e. Aries by Astrologer and Vastu expert Dr Aarti Dahiya.


According to astrology, Aries people are independent by nature as well as free minded. These people can make any decision by themselves. Also, Aries people are optimistic, innocent and reliable. Aries ascendant makes them energetic and powerful.

Take Inspiration From Others

People of this zodiac sign take inspiration from others and keep moving forward. Aries women always dominate in a relationship. On the other hand, Aries men are outspoken and are not afraid to put forth their point of view in front of others.

People of Aries can easily get angry or sad. However, they can also easily forget these things and start believing in others.


People of this sign are fearless. They are born leaders and have a tendency to be outspoken and talkative. They are always ready to take initiative. Also, they do not like to take orders from others and are quite stubborn. They are also hasty.

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Love Life

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The ruling planet of Aries people is Mars and likewise, they are hot and stormy. They are a combination of confidence and passion. Everyone who has ever fallen in love with an Aries finds them exciting.

When it comes to romance, they always take initiative in a relationship. However, when the person in front agrees to their proposal, they move ahead rapidly. For an Aries man to be noticed, one has to be as energetic and exciting as they are themselves.

Best Zodiac Love Matches For Aries

Gemini: Gemini’s dark personality always attracts Aries endlessly, while Gemini loves Aries’ approach to love life and marriage.

Libra: Libra (Libra 2022 horoscope prediction) people can control Aries, thus encouraging them to reflect on their deeper self.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is always a true passion match for Aries. The fights between them will probably be stormy but since both of them are honest with each other, they will keep coming closer.

Taurus: Aries people often subdue Taurus. However, if you can get past that, then you may just find a match that will show them just how good he can be for them.

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Avoid These Zodiac Signs

Pisces: If the boy is of Aries and the girl is of Pisces, then both are completely opposite in nature. Due to this, fights take place between the two from time to time. The love and married life of these two zodiac signs can only progress if Pisces is ready to compromise. Therefore, if the wife is Pisces, then she will always have to compromise with Aries, otherwise, there may be a rift in the relationship,

Cancer: Cancer (Cancer 2022 horoscope prediction) people are docile in nature which Aries does not like. Being a water element, Cancer man often gets angry with Aries woman. Both of them are quite different, therefore, their choices will also be different. For this reason, reconciliation between the two will be difficult.

If your zodiac sign is Aries, then you must have also come to know about your nature and love life. However, this is a general astrological calculation and may change according to the change of planets.

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