Shopping anywhere in the world can be fun but if we start paying the price the sellers have put up, we will end up penniless with very few things in our hands. It is not worth buying commodities that cost double to more than that no matter how nice they look. One such hub where bargaining is alright in Dubai. This place is a hot international destination which has a major Indian footfall. If you want to shop here and save money as well especially at the souks which mark up their prices, then follow these tips on bargaining. 

Carry Cash 

cash dubai

If you have headed out for shopping and want to experience a traditional Arab-style marketplace then visit the spice souk in Deira. It transports you to old times when there were narrow alleyways and aromas of saffron, rose and frankincense wafting in the air. Get yourself and your friends back home a few souvenirs but offer to pay in cash as bargaining gets easier. Do remember that they charge an extra amount if you use your credit cards and most sellers look forward to the cash flow.

Conceal That Excitement & Interest

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When you shop, just like in India, the rule remains the same. Never show your excitement and always hide the object of your interest. Navigate your way through stores, pick up what you like, be it a silk scarf or household goods, but never show much interest. A shopkeeper can tell that you really want to buy it so they will not lower the price. If you manage to remain poker-faced then the possibility of getting a better price will be much higher and you might just be able to get a better deal.

Half Price Rule

Although the shopkeepers know this trick, always half the price quoted by the seller and then make the deal. If you can be a bit more unabashed and stern then quarter the price and see what the seller comes down to. There is nothing wrong in negotiating and the shopkeepers are always prepared for it be it for perfumes, leather goods, clothes or even electronics. 

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Walking Away

The perfume souks in Dubai drive you crazy as the options are unlimited! They even make you itars as per your liking or even copy some of the biggest brands and pour it in a 10 ml bottle (the least amount). You must try the Arabic Oudh fragrance which has a very distinct smell. Checkout different vendors and play it cool.

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If the seller is not bringing down the price, walk away. If they know that you will get a better deal elsewhere they will call out to you. They may even give you something complimentary like a travel size sample or incense sticks. 


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Buy Gold From In-Stores

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If you love gold or have to buy it for someone then Dubai has a lot of options. But make sure that you buy from the stores and not from street vendors that you see nearby. There are some strict regulations that all gold souks have to follow and they guarantee you the quality and a fair price.

So when are you making that trip? Do carry enough cash but be careful with it. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.