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    5 Best Christmas Gifts For Kids From Amazon, All Under ₹1000

    Can't find any Christmas gifts for your kids? Here are 5 interesting options from Amazon under ₹1000.
    Updated at - 2022-12-04,12:16 IST
    christmas gifts for kids under  from amazon

    Shopping for Christmas gifts for kids is super fun. However, it can be a little tricky these days because the gifting options are just way too many. So, we thought of bringing you some budget-friendly, thoughtful ideas for Christmas gifting, all under ₹1000, from Amazon.

    Mandala Art Kit 

    mandala art kit

    Mandala colouring is quite a relaxing experience. Also, thise art form requires a lot of calm and precision, which makes it an ideal gift for kids. Mandala colouring helps stimulate the sense of patience in children. This Christmas, give your kids this Mandala art kit. (Christmas gifts for friends)This can even be a fun co-activity. The kit comes with four coasters, one Mandala tool kit, acrylic colours, a paint brush, and colour mixing palette. Buy it for ₹799 here

    Name Place Animal Thing - Card Board Game

    name place animal thing cardboard

    With this fun card board game, kids get to play the popular pen-paper game with a twist. This one is just the perfect game to play with friends and family. Kids can also carry it to their school since the box is travel friendly. A quick game with the entire family can be a great bonding activity on Christmas (Christmas special plum cake) night. This board game costs ₹629, buy it here.

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    Merry Christmas Mug with Sipper Water Bottle 

    christmas mug bottle

    Get the kids a Christmas themed mug and sipper bottle. The mug has the perfect holiday vibe that the children would love. Both the sipper and mug are made using high quality material, which makes them an ideal gift this Christmas. Buy it at a discounted rate of ₹400 from Amazon here.

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    Harry Potter 1-3 Box Set

    harry potter books gifts

    For Potterheads, you can't really find a better gift. This collectable three-book set is just what you need if your child is an avid reader or has embarked on the reading journey recently. The book set contains Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. With these books, you get three colourful bookmarks with memorable quotes from popular Harry Potter characters. Buy the paperback edition here for ₹788.

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    Daily Journal

    daily journal

    A writing journal is the most thoughtful gift for your child. Journaling is a great practice and if your little one starts it at an early age, nothing like it. This daily gratitude journal comes with daily writing prompts, weekly themes and a lot of fun activities which will make your child turn to it everyday. You can buy it here only for ₹649.

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