It’s that time of the year when the temperatures rise high and so does the heat! it is important to keep our body hydrated and drink healthy beverages and eat nutri rich foods in order to stay fit and limit those empty calories from entering our system.

Most people often confuse cooling drinks with high sugar content consumption options and in the bargain get gulping down those carbonated aerated drinks, rather we can try some better ways of working with fresh ingredients as far as possible in order to balance taste, flavor and calories!

Here are a few of my easy-to-swirl and serve ideas this summer!



A delicate concoction of watermelon, pomegranate, and lime to bring down those temperatures.


  • Watermelon juice- 2 cups
  • Pomegranate juice- 1 cup
  • Lime juice- 2 tbsp.
  • Mint leaves- 10-12 no
  • Ice cubes- 4-5 no
  • Ginger juice- 1 tsp
  • Glasses to serve
chef kaviraj drinks


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the drink.

2. Chill the glasses well and just before serving get all of it ready.

3. Keep your juices and ingredients chilled as well.

4. Rinse the glass with crushed ice/ice cubes, place a few slices of

lime at the base of the glass, add ice cubes as desired.

5. Pour in the juices one by one and add a few sprigs of mint, some pomegranate seeds, slices of lime, and sweet lime for contrast.

6. Placing a stir stick into the prepared drink serve immediately, stir well before having it.

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orange mystic

Season's special mango pulp in combination with orange and a dash of lemongrass flavour.


  • Mango pulp- 2 cups, fresh ideally.
  • Lime juice- 1 tbsp.
  • Orange juice- ½ cup fresh extract.
  • Lemon grass extract – 4-5 pieces boiled in ½ cup water for 15 mins
  • and reduced, cooled down strain and add little.
  • Ice cubes- as desired
  • Lime slices- 2-3 no
  • Mint leaves- 10-12 no
  • Glasses to serve
  • Organic edible flowers- for garnish


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the cooler.

2. Chill the glasses well before preparing the drink.

3. Add in ice cubes, slices of lime, sprigs of mint, lime juice.

4. Now add in alternating with mango juice and orange juice.

5. Add a few soaked chia seeds as well in this cooler if desired.

6. Finally garnish with fresh mint/cherries and offer a stir stick with the cooler.

Recipe- 3


Fresh papaya extract blended with orange and sweet lime to add to the cooling effects


  • Ripe papaya pulp- 2 cups- puree
  • Fresh orange juice- ½ cup
  • Fresh sweet lime juice- ½ cup
  • Lime juice- 1 tbsp.
  • Ginger juice- 1 tsp
  • Fresh basil leaves- 4-5 no
  • Flax seeds/ melon seeds- ½ tsp for garnish
  • Ice cubes- as desired
  • Glasses to serve


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the cooler.

2. Keep all the juices chilled until used.

3. Rinse the glass with ice cubes/crushed ice just before making the drink.

4. Place ice cubes, mint, slices of lime at the base of the glass, start with the papaya pulp, followed by orange and sweet lime and create a few layers of the same.

5. Top with fresh mint/cherries/nuts and seeds of your choice for garnish and serve, stir well before having it.

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chocolate drink

A refreshing cooler with banana, peanut butter, soy milk and dates


  • Banana- 1 ripe, peeled, and sliced
  • Peanut butter- 1 tbsp. blended in 2 tbsp warm water.
  • Soy milk- 2 cups
  • Date puree- 2 tbsp.
  • Almonds/cashews- 1 tbsp. chopped
  • Flax seeds- 1 tsp.
  • Ice cubes- as needed
  • Glasses to serve
  • Ripe chickoo- 2 no peeled and sliced- optional.


1. Prepare the ingredients for the healthy shake.

2. Combine the ingredients into the jar of a blender.

3. Churn to a smooth mixture, blend it well.

4. Rinse the chilled glasses with ice and pour in the freshly prepared shake into the glasses.

5. Add a little cinnamon powder/ cocoa powder/ chocolate chips/ sauce etc as desired.

6. As an added advantage try using a few ripe chickoo as well in the same shake for more flavor and nutrition.

Recipe- 5


tropical trivia

A smooth and mild flavored drink with tropical flavors to entice


  • Pineapple- 1 cup juice/pulp puree
  • Coconut milk- 1 cup thick extract
  • Cashew paste- 1 tbsp.
  • Yogurt-1/2 cup
  • Banana-1 ripe
  • Sunflower seeds/ pumpkin seeds- 1 tsp
  • Ice cubes- as desired
  • Glasses to serve
  • Honey- 1 tbsp.


1. Prepare all the ingredients and keep chilled.

2. Place the ingredients into a blender jar and combine all together into a nice smooth mixture.

3. Rinse the glasses with ice just before pouring out the shake.

4. Top up the drink with a few healthy seeds/nuts of your choice and serve. Stir the drink well before having it.

Dr. Kaviraj Khialani is a celebrity Master Chef. Based in Mumbai, the celebrity chef has a varied experience with hotels and airlines. He is a food designer, author, food writer, consultant, and creative cuisine specialist. 

For more such recipes from chef Kaviraj Khialani, stay tuned!