Make life easier in the kitchen and let cooking remain an enjoyable task for you. If your dishes tend to have a lot of salt or water, it is okay! I have listed few important hacks that will help you out in taking care of many such situations which also includes grinder blade sharpening, making less oily puris and potato wedges, softening the mutton and preventing curdling of milk. So bookmark this page quickly and scroll down for a better cooking session. 

These are easy hacks that will solve many cooking problems in no time and make you look like the cool chef who knows what he or she is doing in the kitchen!

  • Prevent milk from spoiling by just adding half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to it. This way you can also keep the milk outside longer with this hack.

soda bicarb cooking tips

  • Who doesn’t like soft rotis? But sometimes if it is getting tough for you then just add some milk to the dough and knead it well. This will keep your dough softer for longer time.
  • Reduce the chances of the milk sticking to the bottom of the pan by pouring a few drops of water in the vessel. This will moisten the base of the vessel and the milk will not stick to the bottom as much.

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  • Love puris but find them too oily? With this easy hack, you can flare up the puris with less oil in them. Just keep the dough disks in the fridge for 15 minutes before you fry them.

puri rotis

  • To enhance the flavor of your much-loved suji ka halwa, just add a teaspoon of chickpea flour or besan. This tip also enhances the colour of your dish.

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  • Potato wedges are a weakness for many but when we are watching our weight it gets a little tough to have them as frequently. So, to make that indulgence low on guilt, boil the wedges first and then fry them. They don’t just cook faster but also absorb way less oil.
  • Sharpen your grinder or blender’s blades but just grinding some salt in it. This will also make the sharpness last longer.

blender blades cooking

  • So many times when we are preoccupied with other things while cooking, the tendency to add extra salt becomes much more. So to neutralise your dishes, add a few spoons of milk. 
  • If the dish has too much water then we need to add ingredients that absorb it without ruining the dish. So just add a few potato wedges as they are good absorbents.
  • Softening the mutton for any recipe takes a while so all you have to do is add in some mashed raw papaya to it when you are marinating it. 
  • While making bhindi, a number of times it tends to stick to the pan. To avoid that, add just a few drops of lemon to the preparation and the same goes for rice.

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  • Bought some paneer but not preparing it in the coming 2-3 days? Then to maintain its freshness, wrap it in some blotting paper and then store it in the fridge. Also, to retain its spongy nature, do not fry the paneer but boil it instead.
  • If you have over ripe tomatoes, worry not as there is a cool hack to take care of that as well. Add those tomatoes to some cold water with salt in it. Keep it overnight. The next morning you will notice that they have become firm and look fresh. 

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