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    5 Spinach Savouries You Must Try This Winter Season

    This winter, try delicious spinach savouries. Read on. 
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2022-11-26,15:30 IST
    spinach dishes to try this winter

    Spinach is a seasonal vegetable mostly consumed in winter in India. The leading producing states of the leafy bunches are Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal and Maharashtra. 

    It is a low-calorie vegetable packed with nutrients that help to keep the body healthy. It boosts hydration, cuts the risks of anaemia because it is a rich source of iron, helps in the development of the baby, strengthens the immune system, combats free radicals and adds nutrients to the eyes. 

    If a vegetable has so many benefits, why wait to add it to your diet? Here is a list of spinach savouries you must try at home, especially in the winter season.

    Palak Paneer

    paneer palak winter

    Make palak paneer at home and add an abundance of protein to the body. It is an easy recipe with a rich gravy that you can serve to your guests or relish on a sunny afternoon.

    All you need is a paste of boiled spinach and paneer. First, prepare an everyday gravy with chopped onions and tomato paste. Add spices and spinach paste. Wait for the oil to separate, and add paneer to it. You can serve it with naan, butter roti, etc.

    Palak Dal

    palak dal winter

    Palak Dal is a delicacy that you can eat every day or do meal prep to eat through an entire week. It is packed with minerals, nutrients and proteins. Moreover, with spinach, you add a rich flavour to the lentils.

    The beauty of spinach is you can add it to any kind of pulse. Whether you are preparing urad dal, moong daal or toor dal, you can add freshly cut spinach. To add a burst of flavour, add some Indian spices and enjoy a creamy bowl of lentils with rice and roti of your choice.

    Palak Corn

    palak corn winter

    Palak Corn is a dish that can entice your kids to eat green vegetable. If your children love corn kernels, you do not have to fuss about anything else. Its preparation style is similar to Palak Paneer.

    You can also quickly make this delicious dish when you have unexpected guests around lunch or dinner. It goes really well with some butter roti or paratha. Palak Corn pairs well with white boiled or jeera (cumin) rice.

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    Palak Saag Or Sarson Ka Saag

    sarson ka saag winter

    Either you can opt for Palak Saag or Sarson Ka Saag on a winter afternoon. When preparing Palak Saag, you can follow the recipe of Palak Paneer minus the Indian cottage cheese. 

    However, if you want to cook Sarson Ka Saag, you would have to add a few more green leafy vegetables, including mustard leaves and bathua (goosefoot) leaves. It must be topped with butter alongside makai (corn flour) ki roti.

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    Palak Aloo

    palak aloo winter

    Aloo or potato is among the staples in India. If you prepare it with spinach, you have got yourself a tangy and lip-smacking dish. During the preparation, add a paste of coriander leaves, lemon juice or amchur (mango) powder and a tablespoon of green spice sauce.

    Bring everything together along with other spices and cook potatoes in the gravy. It will pair well with paratha or boiled rice. 

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