This bread is something different and it does require you to have an acquired taste. So bake it at home and see whether you like it or not. Team it with right toppings so that you bring out the best of it. 

Sourdough Bread Recipe Card

An acquired taste for sure, this bread smells heavenly and tastes best in the winter season.

Total Time :
180 min
Preparation Time :
160 min
Cooking Time :
180 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Kishori Sud


  • 520 Gms Flour
  • 12 Gms Sea Salt
  • 380 Gms Filtered Water
  • 80 Gms Sourdough Starter
  • Extra Flour For Dusting
  • Seeds Of Your Choice For Flavouring


Step 1
Let your sourdough starter sit outside overnight.
Step 2
Using a kitchen scale, weight the medium bowl and then add the seeds and salt
Step 3
Mix the starter with some water in another bowl.
Step 4
Pour it into the flour and mix with a fork or a wooden spoon to make a thick dough, for a minute.
Step 5
Cover the dough with a thin towel and let it be for 15 minutes. You will see it loosening up.
Step 6
Now, wet one hand and pull the dough from one side and stretch it upwards, folding over the center of your dough.
Step 7
Repeat the stretching and folding process until the dough becomes firma and starts resisting. Cover and repeat after 15 minutes. You can do this 3-4 times but this just adds to the gluten.
Step 8
Now cover the dough with a damp kitchen towel and leave it on the counter overnight.
Step 9
Next, poke the flattened and expanded yet springy dough. If it is not very loose and neither too firm then it is ready for baking.
Step 10
Line a bowl with a parchment and spray with a little oil. Set the dough in it and loosen it a little from the edges using your wet fingers.
Step 11
Sprinkle the top with seeds and little flour.
Step 12
Now preheat the oven to 500 F, preheat for 1 hour.
Step 13
Place the dough and remove the lid from the bowl. Keep it on 20 minutes convection and 25 minutes if your oven does not have convection. It should be puffed and light golden. After a few minutes, bake more for 10 minutes until it becomes deep golden.
Step 14
Let it cool a little once done serve with little butter smashing and mashed avocado or salted tomatoes.