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    Mansi Gupta's Journey To Build Tjori, India's Leading Handicraft & Apparel Brand

    Meet Mansi Gupta, the brain behind Tjori, India’s leading traditional Indian handicrafts brand offering apparel, home decor, accessories, footwear products, among others. Here is her journey to success. 
    Updated at - 2023-03-07,08:00 IST
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    At HerZindagi's inaugural edition of WomenPreneur awards, a set of nominees were recognised by Editor's Choice awards for their exemplary contribution to their respective spheres. Among the winners was Mansi Gupta, Founder & CEO, Tjori, India's leading ethnic wear brand.

    The Foundation Of Tjori

    Mansi Gupta founded her brand Tjori back in the year 2013 in the month of January in India. The brand was started with the idea of promoting traditional Indian handicrafts with a modern touch to get recognition globally. Tjori was actually a plan built as a classroom project while Gupta was studying at The Wharton Business School of executive education. She used her personal resources of ₹10 Lakh to launch her business. The brand today generates 10x revenue annually. 

    Tjori is a lifestyle brand that comprises both fashion and non-fashion categories including apparel, accessories, footwear, home decor, personal care among others. The brand is available to 195 countries through its website and digital marketing.

    What Keeps Her Going?

    tjori entrepreneurship

    Gupta's brand managed to emerge stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared that entrepreneurship in itself is the greatest learning. She said, "Entrepreneurship completely transforms you as an individual and changes the way you look at life and your ability to manage problems, stress, and people. This keeps us going as there is never a situation when you can say that there is no more learning. The pandemic affected the world and we also were caught in the storm but because of some good decisions of the past, we got through it. Being present in the ayurvedic and organic wellness space we got the strength and agility to launch sanitizers which was the need of the hour. With the growing pandemic, we launched face masks and finally now with better times we adhere these essentials into our catalog under a new brand category called ‘Raksha’ which helped us fight any such pandemics in the distant future." (All about HerZindagi's WomenPreneur Awards)

    Overcoming The Struggles

    Mansi Gupta's journey to making it big in the fashion world wasn't smooth. She overcame multiple challenges and one among them was insufficient technical knowledge of the fashion industry when she first kickstarted the venture. Since she and her team were passionate about handicrafts, they soon gained command over the technical aspects of the business. Not just that, the team also overcame challenges like sourcing the right quality of fabrics, dealing with various kinds of artisans among others. 

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    Journey So Far

    journey tjori

    Tjori is an e-commerce website that needs no introduction today. The brand has emerged to be a big player in the ethnic fashion market globally. Talking about the journey so far, Mansi Gupta, CEO, Founder, Tjori said, The Journey so far has been amazing. Tjori presently caters to 195 countries across the globe through digital marketing and our e-commerce website. The gap in the Indian and International markets between authentic handicrafts and faux work is the reason that motivates us to make sure the deserving products get highlighted and sold at the right price. The obstacles to this goal were the initial challenges faced by the brand and now its new challenge is to take this brand from e-commerce only to live stores in the Indian and global markets. This goal will require authentic interiors, with idealistic locations and good store merchandising to stand true to the brand's name and aims."

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    Going forward, the brand aims to transition from e-commerce website to walk-in stores worldwide. The brand's eventual goal to become India's best-selling lifestyle brand globally. 


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