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Know The Intriguing Story Of India's Mother-Son Traveller Duo Who Covered A 16,800km Distance Together

Here's a very inspiring story of Mitra Satheesh who drove across 28 states in 51 days to fulfill her dream.
Published -28 Jun 2021, 17:22 ISTUpdated -28 Jun 2021, 17:44 IST
Mitra satheesh story m

We all know how adversely the Pandemic has affected the travel and tourism industry not only in our country but in the entire world.  And so, in order to promote travelling safely again around the country, a doctor named Mitra Satheesh started her journey across India, post the first wave along with her son. The fierce woman drove for as long as 17 hours and covered 28 states of the country. Her story is all about courage, and how a woman can achieve anything she wishes to even after being a mother and a working professional. Let us read Mitra Satheesh's inspirational story here. 

About Mitra Satheesh And Her Travel Plan

Mitra satheesh story

Dr. Mitra Satheesh, a mother of two, is a resident of Kochi, Kerala. Currently working as an Assistant Professor at a Government Ayurveda college in the city, she has always been passionate about travelling. In just less than two years she managed to travel solo across several different countries in Europe. And while concluding her solo trip in Bhutan in late 2019, a few months before the covid pandemic started, the inception for the pan India trip was in place, and wanted to push her passion and love for travel to the next level.

She already had some road trips planned for June 2020 with her friends but they were cancelled because of the pandemic. It was during this time she started planning a road trip across the Indian subcontinent in which she would pass each and every state in a matter of 100 days. With much enthusiasm to her initial thought, she went further laying down the complete route map for this massive road trip and waited patiently for the covid situation to improve in order to go ahead with the trip.

Mitra satheesh story

Despite this whole pandemic scenario, she was looking for the perfect window to kick start her journey, meanwhile she managed to write to the Ministry of tourism, and much to her favour, the Ministry acknowledged her endeavour and assured assistance throughout her journey. Also, in the meantime, she took her 10-year-old son out for a short road trip in November when covid cases began to fall, much to her surprise she noticed her son developing a keen interest in travel.

Finally, around March 2021, she kicked off the journey from her hometown, accompanied by her 10-year-old son. She left her younger daughter with her husband at home ensuring their safety and making arrangements for them in advance.

More About Her Pan India Trip

Mitra satheesh story

Mitra, as an avid patron of travelling wanted to cover the local experiences across the country including the arts, crafts and other details about a place that make it special. Like in Pattamadai, Tamil Nadu she learned all about mats woven from grass, in Hyderabad she saw the ancient art of scroll painting with natural dyes, in Bastar she explored local ethnic crafts, and at Kondagaon she saw the beautiful art and craft done with wood and terracotta.  Mitra was also highly elated meeting the locals of the different places and found them all warm and welcoming. 

Apart from the rich experiences she had with the arts and people, Mitra was delighted to discover the varied culinary retreats that each place had to offer to her.  However, her trip was not all smooth and she did go through challenges that discouraged her from continuing but she did not give up on her dream and was able to accomplish it within a span of 51 days given the second wave of covid.

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Why Is Mitra A Great Inspiration

Mitra stands as a remarkable inspiration to females as she was not only travelling and fulfilling her dream but the lady was efficiently managing her work through the remote locations. She also busted the negative notions around women driving a car and her story is indeed in many other ways, motivating. Along with that, her son, Narayan was giving exams and attending online classes in hotels while travelling.

And thus, every woman can take this example and focus on living life the way she wants, while doing all that she wants irrespective of what the society tells her or says about her. 

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If you have a similar story to share, do reach out to us and for more such inspirational stories of women, stay tuned to Her Zindagi.

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