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5 Times Urfi Javed Gained Our Attention With Her Bizarre Outfits

Urfi Javed has been in the limelight for quite some time due to her unconventional outfits.
urfi javed bizarre outfits main

Bigg Boss OTT contestant, Urfi Javed has been in the limelight since she has entered the show. However, do you the reason for her name always being in headlines? Well, its her fashion sense. Urfi Javed has been seen in various bizarre and weird outfits. Just when we get over her one outfit, she comes out with another one. Have a look at all her outfits that left us in shock. 

Black Dress

black urfi javed bizarre outfits

We couldn’t take our eyes off this Kendall Jenner inspired black outfit. This bold outfit has cutouts all over it and we were left worrying that hopefully it doesn’t turn into a wardrobe malfunction. Urfi paired up this outfit with nude coloured platform heels and a pair of golden earrings. Along with this, she tied her hair in a sleek pony. 

Not only the dress had risky cut-outs but also, it didn’t suit Urfi and wasn’t flattering for her figure. 

Cut-Out Top

t shirt urfi javed bizarre outfits

We understand that cut-outs are in trend and look sizzling hot but a cut-out where only the neck and one sleeve is left is a bit too much. Along with the failed attempt at wearing a t-shirt, Urfi has also gone wrong with accessories and makeup. Nothing goes together and obviously, we couldn’t just ignore her unflattering brazier.

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Unbuttoned Pants

unbutton urfi javed bizarre outfits

Who started this trend of unbottoned pants and what is really the point of this. This looks really disgraceful and unflattering. If this is a new style, then we totally disapprove of it. Buttons are there for a reason, so, you should use them. We really think that Urfi needs a new stylist urgently because this is surely not a style. 

This trend was actually started by fashion influencer Komal Pandey. She has tried this trend on numerous occasions and this trend has divided the world. Some love it and some don’t, we from from the second category. 

On top it, Urfi hasn’t properly adopted the trend started by Komal. Komal always tucks the flaps on the side but Urfi has just left them open which makes it look even more bizarre. 

Major Cuts

blue urfi javed bizarre outfits

Is this even a dress? It seems like she had her blue dress in the closet for a long time and the rats had their own fun with the dress but she decided to wear it anyway. This look is totally bizarre and we don’t know what came into Urfi and her stylist’s mind but this outfit is not at all stylish. 

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Hood Girl

hood urfi javed bizarre outfits

This dress is not as weird as compared to the other outfits on this list but we still don’t approve of the outfit. The backless dress and bishop sleeves are a plus but the overall dress and the fabric is a negative point. On top it, the dress doesn’t look ironed and it gives it a cheap look. And how can we ignore the hood. Urfi has worn a hood dress on more than one occasions but we still think that its not a trend. 

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