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These Trending Specs Frames Will Get You Lots Of Compliments

Want to buy a new pair of specs? Try these trending frames.
trending specs frame main

Specs are not only a necessity but these are a fashion statement now-a-days. Whether a person has power or not, they must be owning a pair of spectacles. Aforementioned, specs are a fashion statement which means you should have the most fashionable pair of specs.

Being in fashion means keeping up with the trends. Therefore, get the most trendy glasses of the year for yourself. If you are not aware of the latest trends, then worry not as we are here to tell you about the same. Read on to know about the most trendy specs frames for 2022.

Cat Eyes

cat eye trending specs frame

Cat eye glasses are evergreen and can never go out of style. These have been in trend for a long time and don't seem to go anywhere in the near future. These versatile glasses suit all the faces, no matter what is the shape of your face. These classic frames can look good in any colour and design. This one especially looks good on females but men can also try it.

Cat eye glasses are a fashion statement. The triangular tips complement the face shape and give you a defined jawline. These glasses highlight your brow arch, thus drawing attention to the high points of your face.

Round Frames

If you want a quirky and funky look, then round frames are surely for you. Also known as Gandhi frames, these look especially good on older women. These suit people with angular faces or oval faces or those who have long faces. These frames will also complement your face if you have prominent features. You can get a round frame in any style, transparent, wire or broad borders but in my opinion these look best in wire frames.

Vintage Glasses

Popularity of aviators is a clear sign that retro is in trend. You can spot vintage glasses on many people right now. 70’s inspired aviators, wayfarers and small cat eyes are quite popular these days and 90% people can be spotted in these glasses. For a statement look, go for oversized retro.

Clear Or Pastel Tinted Frames

traansparent trending specs frame

Invisible frames have been gathering popularity in recent times. The transparent theme is quite in trend right now and pastel detailing accentuates your glasses. This is because soft hues like lavender, blush pink, peach and sky blue are quite a rage right now.

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Oversized Frames

Oversized frames are quite in trend right now. These statement making glasses prove that the bigger, the better. Oversized frames (right frame for your face) can be either transparent, broad rimmed or wire. This season, big and bold frames are the rage.

Wire Frame

wire trending specs frame

These delicate frames aren’t visible to the naked eyes. These seem like no frame glasses but protect your glasses like a full frame. You can get metallic colours or black coloured frames. Metal frames are quite a rage at the moment. However, not everyone can wear these frames as these are not meant to hold thick lenses.

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Thick Rims

Thick rimmed glasses have always been in trend and these glasses will always remain in trend. They give you a nerdy look and a bookish charm. They have always been the most popular and give you a cool look. Traditional black frames are the most popular but you can get a pair of glasses in any colour you like including red, blue or pastel colour.

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