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    Take Blouse Design Ideas From These Celebrities Who Equated Blouse With Bold!

    Want to go from bahu to babe this fashion season? Try these celeb-approved blouses!
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    Published -15 Jul 2021, 10:07 ISTUpdated -15 Jul 2021, 10:48 IST
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    No matter how much they say that fashion is our choice, it really isn’t. Our sense of fashion is often affected by what people think of us, how they react to what we wear, where we are going in that outfit and many more such remarks. If you are done with the constant societal glares and instead of giving in have thought of rebelling, welcome to the club because we are on the same page! While most of the things we do are controlled by ‘log kya kahenge’(what will people say), let fashion not be one of them. Let people speak if they wish to, sooner or later they will also begin to copy your style!

    Wearing dresses and tops that are bold is old news now, when we promised to keep you at the top of your fashion game we meant it and that is why today we bring to you the combination of pretty sarees and bold blouses. Every time your relatives force you to wear a saree, pair it up with these blouses and personify the phrase, ‘when sanskaar met sass!’. The best part about this? These blouses were worn by Bollywood divas so you know they are definitely not out of the fashion trend!

    Deepika Padukone, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

    Remember the Mehendi ceremony when Deepika wore just a piece of pink cloth as her blouse? This was a classic blouse design that we even see in several mythological shows worn by all the goddesses. You can have it tied instead of having a hooked back. That will instantly elevate its look. Ladies if topper Naina can do it, why can’t you?

    Bipasha Basu

    bipasha basu blouse design one

    Image Credit: bollywoodtota

    You say bold? We say Bipasha! You say fashion trends? We say Bipasha Basu’s closet! We kid you not when we say this look is drool-worthy and an absolute must! Forget about making people fume in anger, this look is going to make them fume from the hotness that you would have brought in the room! Be it a party, a get-together, an occasion hosted by no matter who, you will be the talk of the town for a very long time!

    Sara Ali Khan

    sara ali khan blouse design one

    Image Credit: sara ali khan instagram

    Recently Sara Ali Khan posted several looks from an ethnic shoot where she wore sarees and lehengas. Of these looks, we chose two designs for you. If you have extremely strict relatives and can’t go all out with your blouse but you don’t want the monotony, this blouse is a middle ground! Covered at the back and exposed in the front, the creativity of this blouse will leave all your nosy relatives confused. This blouse is almost everything the society wanted, but not quite and that is what will make you stand out!

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    Pooja Hegde

    pooja hegde blouse design one

    Image Credit: mirchi9

    Did someone say sultry in combination with elegance? We have that too! Look at this absolutely stunning blouse design that oozes out boldness! Not only is it just some common deep neck blouse but the cape and veil combination is working extremely well for the design! Pooja Hegde certainly did not want anything coming in the middle of her front blouse design so finished the look by attaching the veil at the back! This design not only breaks the monotony of other fashion trends but also breaks hearts!

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    Kiara Advani 

    kiara advani blouse design one

    Image Credit: pbs.twimg

    Our girl here is known for her bold personality. Don’t let that innocent face fool you and remind yourself of the first shoot she did with the photographer Dabboo Ratnani where all she used to cover herself was a leaf. Looks like Kiara has a thing for leaves and flowers because this floral blouse is really working well for her(read more about Kiara Advani)! Perfect if you want to wear something extremely exposing and bold and yet wish to be dismissed with the ‘aww so cute’ remark instead of people taunting you. This blouse will trick their minds!

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