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    Here Are Simple Ways To Wear Off Shoulder Blouse On Saree

    Planning to wear off-shoulder blouse on a saree? Try these simple tips and hacks to have a hassle-free experience! 
    Updated at - 2020-11-19,12:44 IST
    Blouse On Saree

    If there is one couture that every Indian woman loves to wear, it has to be a saree! Available in more than a dozen styles, this traditional ensemble is being donned for centuries in our country. However, with passing time, we witnessed various style enhancement. 

    One of them is sporting a saree with stunning off-shoulder blouses. There are many who are not in the habit of draping a saree. For them pairing them with tricky blouse can turn out to be more stressful. To ease things down, such ladies can use a couple of tricks. 

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    After all, who wants to feel uncomfortable when wearing something so elegant. Also, no matter what, any couture should not keep you from feeling confident and beautiful. If you are planning to pair an off-shoulder blouse with a striking saree, try these simple tips to keep that blouse from disturbing you! 

    How To Keep The Sleeves In Place?

    How To Keep The Sleeves In Place

    When wearing an off-shoulder blouse, the sleeves should be on point so that you look your best. But we know it is not that easy as it keeps sliding back on your shoulders. To remedy this situation, try using a rubber band. 

    • Take a strong elastic band and attach two safety pins on either end. 
    • Then attach the bands to either side of the inside seam. Place it near the underarm.
    • Also, be sure that the safety pins are not visible from outside.
    • Repeat this on the other side too. 
    • Once done, put your arms over the tie to wear the blouse and you’re done. 

    Check The Fitting Of The Blouse

    Check The Fitting Of The Blouse

    Blouses are supposed to be well-fitted so that you can flaunt your curves in the traditional drape. When it comes to off-shoulder blouses, the fitting of it becomes essential so that even when it sleeves slide from its place, the bodice can support the entire piece. 

    Therefore, you must make sure that the blouse is perfectly fitted. It should not be too tight, as anything that is not comfortable will not make you feel and look good. 

    Where To Pin The Pallu

    Where To Pin The Pallu

    One of the best parts of draping a saree (traditional saree draping styles) is its pallu! We ladies love to play around and flaunt it. But it can keep you from having fun if you don’t pin it right. On an off-shoulder blouse, ladies often get confused. All you need to do is fix your pallu at a place where you will have maximum support. 

    We recommend pinning it right at the back of your shoulder. Also, pin your saree on the waist. This will not keep your pallu from getting displaced. 

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    Pick Right Bra 

    Pick Right Bra

    For great shape, you will need a bra (tips to go braless) that will allow you to maintain the style of your off-shoulder blouse and will also support the weight of your breasts. You can either go with a stick-on bra or a strapless bra. Both of these are great to sport dresses that are backless, strapless, off-shoulder etc. 

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