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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial

The Best Loungewear Sets You Need In 2022 For Comfort And Style!

Let's take a look at the best loungewear sets that you'll need in 2022!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -06 Feb 2022, 12:00 ISTUpdated -05 Feb 2022, 15:52 IST

Who said loungewear has to be boring? Style can go well with comfort and loungewear can go well with flair. Gone are the days, when people were okay to wear those boring and dull clothes at home. The millennials and Gen Z are certainly not the ones to conform to such trends. Whether it is a streetwear look or a casual outing with friends, this generation wants to do everything in style! So why should loungewear be left behind? After all, it is this clothing that gives you the warm feeling of coming home. 

While numerous Bollywood celebrities are posting pictures in trendy loungewear on their Instagram feed, the millennials and the Gen Z are doing their best to catch up with these upcoming loungewear trends. Loungewear needs to be a blend of comfort as well as style. Choosing the right set of loungewear is way different than choosing any other piece of clothing. When picking loungewear, you ought to choose the right fabric and the right fit. While we are working from the comfort of our home, we must certainly invest in good loungewear sets so as to uplift our moods.

Be Ready For A Pajama Party Everyday 

pajama party

Be dressed as if there was a pajama party at your house everyday! With the covid pandemic situation, we are getting less and less opportunity to get all dressed up and go out. That doesn't mean you have to sit at home in boring clothes and sulk. Opt for neutral colours if you want to go the conventional way. Loungewear in colours such as grey and black are some of the most classy picks. Lying comfortably on your couch in a sheeny loungewear is sure to look opulent. In fact, it is going to keep your mood elevated and relaxed.

The right set of loungewear is comfortable and fuzzy. You simply don’t wish to get out of your loungewear if it happens to be the right pick for you. There hasn’t been a better time to invest in loungewear sets. We are practically staying in our homes day in and day out. To make our lives much more comfortable, we ought to invest in high-quality loungewear sets.

Pink Loungewear Has Our Heart 

pink loungewear

Pink is the colour of love and Valentine’s day is not far away! If you and partner are planning a date within the comforts of your home because of Covid-19, then you must certainly get a vibrant loungewear. When it comes to vibrant and lively,  there is no colour that springs to our mind other than pink. The feeble pink colour makes for a perfect loungewear especially when you are expecting your girlfriends at home for dinner. A pink loungewear will get you the much-needed comfort and homely vibe that you are craving for. 

All Monotone

all monotone

Monotone has become a buzzworthy world in the world of fashion. Monotone attires can make you stand out from the crowd. From global supermodels to Bollywood celebrities, everyone is simply going gaga over this captivating fashion trend. Well, this fashion trend seems to have gradually seeped into the loungewear trends of 2022. Monotone loungewear sets are key to look stunning for those  perfectly gramworthy candid photos. Jumpsuits or jogger pants paired with T-shirts, if you go all monotone, it is bound to set your look a class apart. Opt for neutral shades and toned down colours keeping in mind the approaching summer season. 

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Striped Style

striped style

Striped shirts and pants shall make for the perfect loungewear when you are anticipating guests at your place. Neither would you wanna end up looking shabbily dressed, nor would you want to look all dolled up at home. This  is where the striped loungewear comes to your rescue. While giving you all the comfort, it also adds a bit of elan to your personality. Striped loungewear is sure to look uber cosy and relaxed. Opt for light and bright colours so as to make your mark felt.

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A Bit Of Quirky Print

Quirky print

If you want to go all out and have some fun with your loungewear attires, opt for quirky prints. A bit of quirk only makes your look more distinctive and memorable. So next time you’re browsing the shopping sites, don’t forget to add a few loungewear in quirky prints to your cart. Whether you want to go for strong bold prints or slightly feeble ones is for you to choose. Floral prints are going to add a feminie touch to your look. Well, with these many options it’s really hard to look unstylish at home. Hence, make your work from home life a shade more comfortable with vibrant loungewear sets.

If you wish to share anything about your favourite loungewear trend with us, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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