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    Transform Your Old Denims Into Trendy Handbags

    Want know how to make trendy denim bags with your old denim jeans, here's a detailed guide to making it.
    Published -07 Feb 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -04 Jan 2022, 16:45 IST
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    Denim is what's ruling the entire fashion space at the moment. From dungarees to dresses and tops to jackets, there's a wide range of denim clothing that is available in the market these days. Not only denim clothing but bags made with denim material are also very trendy in the market, they add to the edge of the look and make your getup look more raw and rustic. But going with the trends might cost you a lot of money, which is the reason why you choose to stay away from those things. Not anymore, because we are here to keep you up to date with everything that‘s trending! Learn how to make trendy and stylish denim by using your old and unwanted jeans. 

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    Choosing The Right Pair

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    Reusing is one great way to keep your old clothes alive while you can’t wear them. Here we will be recycling an old pair of jeans to make a trendy jean bag. To find the right pair of jeans, keep all your old jeans and those of your family members and compare each one to check for its fabric, make sure it is not too faded, further, look for the one that has the biggest size, as the biggest jeans will have more fabric and more fabric means for scope for decoration and stuff.

    The Perfect Bag

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    Well, preparing the bag with your jeans is super easy, but you will first have to decide the kind of bag you are looking for. You can make a sling bag, a backpack, or a tote bag using the denim of your old jeans. Going by the easiest is the Tote bag, then is the sling bag, and then lastly comes the backpack.

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    How To Make The Bag

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    Once you are done choosing the right jeans, open the hems from all the sides stretching it like a piece of fabric. Now using chalk, mark the measurements according to the size of the bag you want. Remember to mark 1 inch more than the desired size that will be required for stitching it in. 

    Preparing A Tote Bag

    For a tote bag, let the shape of the bag get steeper at the bottom. Cut two symmetrical pieces and strips for handles. Keep the two pieces on top of each other with the inward side being out. Stitch them together, attach the handles and reverse the bag(ways to style your fanny bag). Hem in for the finishing touches. Add a zipper if you want to or stick buttons to keep the stuff from falling. There you go! Easy and uncomplicated.

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    Preparing A Sling Bag

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     For a sling bag cut out a big ‘U’ shape and fold it in three, use two side pieces to cover it up, stitch and attach the button to the flap and body of the bag. Now cut out a long strip, stitch it and attach it to both sides of the bag. You can go ahead and try variations with the design by adding the pockets of the jeans by sticking them on top of the bag. Or you can use different shades of denim to make your bag(bags for brides) look even trendier.  Decorate your bag with the press in fabric stickers or a fabric painting and you’ll be super ready to head out with full style!

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