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    Did You Put On Weight This Pandemic And Now Your Office Is Reopening? Here Is How You Can Dress Up!

    Conscious of going back to office because of the weight you gained? Tips to fashionably conceal your fat!
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    Updated at - 2021-08-27,10:36 IST
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    People have accepted the pandemic to be a way of life now. With schools, colleges, offices everything reopening, the time has come to make fashion choices every morning! 

    Are you someone who is going back to the office anytime soon? Are you also someone who is suddenly conscious of their body because of how your taste buds got pampered all this while? Gained a few kilos, or even more than a few and suddenly you feel like you can’t wear anything and look good in it? We are here to help you out! 

    To start with, confidence is the key. If you don’t think your body is good enough, how will others? And secondly, till you get to the phase of accepting your body, here are five ways to dress up to conceal your fat! 


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    The simplest and the smartest way to conceal all the extra kilos is by layering. If you are to wear a kurta to work, layer it with a short jacket. Wear palazzo instead of leggings on the kurta. While selecting the kurta, make sure it is tight on the bust and loose below. This will give an illusion of a well-fitted kurta while subtly hiding what you want hidden! While no one will be able to understand that you gained weight, they sure will think your fashion game got elevated! 

    Loosen It Up With Skirt

    women formal skirts

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    Who said formals meant restricting to tight skirts with a slit on the side? Accordion skirts are also well with the boundaries of formals especially when paired with a loose semi-formal blazer and a white shirt! The best part about this skirt is that the pleats in the skirt completely conceal what’s underneath it. Since the skirt is slightly flared, it will not stick to your lower belly or your back and yet make you look like a boss lady

    Colour Coordinate With Comfy Formals 

    women formals

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    You can rock the blazer and trouser look with a loose set, that is made just to make you feel comfortable. Wear a shirt/top inside, well-fitted trousers and a loose semi-formal blazer. Since the blazer is semi-formal no one is going to check if your shoulder pads are well fitted to your shoulders or not and you can opt for a loose one! The single colour of the entire outfit will trick people and not reveal the extra flabs that got added to your look! 

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    Slim Fit Formal palazzo 

    formal palazzo for women

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    Who said formal pants always include fitting trousers? Wear a white shirt, tuck it inside a palazzo and wear high heels. Wear your palazzo above your belly button. Not only are high-waisted pants in fashion but this will also make sure the palazzos don’t expose your belly fat. If you do not want to wear shirts, you can also pair palazzos with kurtas and still look apt for the office! 

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    Conceal It With A Sweater 

    The one look that is extremely formal in its appearance yet perfect for those of us who do not want our tummies to pop out is this one! Wear a collared shirt, formal pants and a solid coloured sweater. Make sure the pullover is black/white/cream. Any other colour will make it too tacky. Apart from that, take the collar out and let them be seen, tuck your shirt in and let your sweater be tucked out. The pullover will make you look smart, ready to ace your meetings yet hide the pandemic gain! 

    Few More Tips

    • Relaxed kurta sets do not make you look thin, make sure your kurta is tight at least on your bust. 
    • A stole can also easily hide your belly fat and look formal. 
    • Carry a denim jacket as it is perfect to hide love handles. 
    • If you want to hide your arm fat, wear ruffled sleeves.
    • Wear black, gives an illusion and makes you look thin. 
    • Accessorise and wear good makeup so the attention is drawn to your face and not your body! 

    We hope you found this article helpful! If you wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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