The world seems to be a better place if you have a good height. You are always noticed, you can find people in the crowd and so many perks. But wait, did you know that people with a good height who are often mistaken to be considered great for all types of styles can actually go wrong with their style? No? Well, let the truth be told and if you are on the taller side then this article can be your style bible.

Although I have honestly been one of those who isn’t blessed with a good height, I have always thought that a tall person can carry any dress in the world and still manage to look great. But destiny taught me a lesson and I actually realised that it isn’t true as my brother is very tall and he has to really follow a lot of dressing tips so that he doesn’t end up making a fashion disaster.

Here are the tips and tricks you must note down next time you decide to dress up and go out with your friends or that someone special.

Say No To Short Bottoms which Boost Your Bums

bum boosting pants ladies

Well this looks very stylish and all things good but did you know that as much as you would love to watch a girl flaunting bum-boosting pants, you would not like her cheeky thighs sprouting out due to her height. This is the harsh reality that taller people actually find it a nightmare to find the right types of shorts for them which fits their bum just too well and covers all the right areas properly.

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Say No To Short Skirts

short skirts ladies

A short girl wearing a short skirt looks just too cute and we all have flaunted short skirts as young girls. There isn’t any difference in my case because I am not tall but tall girls wearing a short skirt makes the legs look taller thereby making their torso as little haywire. I am already imagining how a few Bollywood actress went wrong with their styles by carrying short skirts despite the good height.

High Waters Are a Strict NO NO 

As a girl with short height, I really don’t have to bother much about the length of the pants I am buying but just imagine what would happen if you are tall and a particular bell bottom isn’t even reaching your ankle? Sad right? This is the real struggle with tall girls. Although many companies have now started making longer pants, but many have still not. Limited brand options much, eh?

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Sad But Vertical Strips Are Also a No

Strips in cloths somehow add that invisible colour. Agree no? Vertical stripes on your top and you are ready to go out and conquer the world. Alas doesn’t work with tall people. It is like a boon for people with a short height as it makes you look taller but all tall person wouldn’t want to look any taller and look misfit in any way. 

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Crush You Heel Fantasy

heels not cool for tall girls

This actually depends from person to person to be honest. I am someone who loves her chappals and juttis and would go anywhere in the world in them. But some people have next level love for heels. Honestly it is a painful day for me the days I have to wear my heels in order to look tall but as much as height seems great luck for tall people, it takes away their heel wearing fantasy. Reason? You wouldn’t want to look super tall all the time. Do you?

Well this is your style bible if you are tall and are looking for some hacks which can save you from making fashion disasters. Do let us know how you like it and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more updates.