Fashion is not stagnant; it keeps changing with time. It changes from one trend to another but what stays is your own style which isn’t stagnant either. Our taste in fashion is closely linked to our own personality, taste and inclination. As we grow so does our taste in fashion; you won’t be wearing the same old frilly dresses from when you were 10. 

After a while you feel like rediscovering yourself and your fashion. But worry not because we have a 4 step solution to help you redefine your fashion. Though it wont be that easy but this is one of the best ways to help yourself understand your fashion sense, redifine it and experiment with it. Try to make it fun for yourself yet challenging. Push yourself to tey new things, have new experiences and mixing various pieces you never thought you would put together.

Bring Back Your Confidence 

At times when you are thinking of changing your fashion and redefining it; you do feel a bit less confident and fall into a spiral of self doubt. So, the first step is to bring back your confidence and understanding your style. Try different outfits, trends and aesthetic. Don’t be scared to challenge yourself try something new. Have confidence in yourself and even if you fail you can always try something else! But never give up or loose confidence in yourself.

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Cover Your ABCs

Now that you have been on your own fashion adventure you must have found things you love and don’t. Try to understand why you love some outfits while dislike the other. Try to understand the basics of colour combinations; what goes well with what. Try to learn about abcs of Fashion and then through that add in elements of yourself into whatever you are wearing. But before that you must understand the basics of it. You should know what colours go together, the shapes of clothing which looks flattering together etc.

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Start Layering

Now that you know hat you like and dislike; and you know the basics of Fashion, try layering. Try putting together things you love. Try to layer a statement piece necklace with a simple outfit or a blazer over a graphic T-shirt. Layering is the key to unlocking a new realm of fashion. After learning basics and having adventures in thrift shops you are ready to take on the challenge of layering and, mixing and matching various pieces together to create your own beautiful outfit.

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Have Fun

Whatever you are doing; be it thrifting, layering or learning more about fashion; the main objective is to understand yourself better and to have fun. If by the end of the day you are not having fun then there is no use in trying so much. Fashion and styling should make you happy; it should put a smile on your face. When you start to redefine and start to mix and match your outfits you will find your fashion.

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The thing which makes you the happiest, most confident and gorgeous; that is your fashion and once you have achieved that then that is redefining your fashion.

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