Do you own a business, you have assumed a leadership role by default, even if you are not aware of it?  Have you launched your own business to get more choice and freedom because you preferred to work on your own terms rather than for someone else? Then it is possible that you wanted to have a greater effect and assist others more directly rather than getting bogged down in corporate processes. Whatever your goal for establishing a business was, you did not start a business to become a leader. So here are some tips by expert to help you work on those much needed skills for running your business smoothly. 

Amandeep Thind, International Speaker, Trainer, and Public Speaking Mentor, told HerZindagi that he began his own company to make difference in the lives of people through public speaking. Leadership is something he developed and that it is a never-ending process of personal and professional development, but you can utilise it to inspire and uplift others along the road.

He said: "More than ever, the success of an organisation is dependent on the caliber of its leadership. And effective leadership is dependent on wider preparation based on concepts that can be applied in every situation, no matter how unpredictable."

Here are some fundamental concepts listed by him that may help you become a more effective leader which can help you to grow your business:

Being Both Flexible And Firm


To be an effective leader, it is important that you learn how to strike a balance between being unyielding and adaptive. Great leaders know how to go with the flow while maintaining focus, propelling their organisation forward with persistence and attentiveness.

Demonstrate Genuine Desire To Serve Your Community

We have all experienced how amazing it feels to know that someone sincerely wants to help us. We become lifelong customers. "Make your clients feel special by being the business owner who is concerned about their success," shared Thind.

Believe In Your Client & Motivate Them

Motivate your clients to be more, do more, and achieve more. We all need to be seen and heard, but we also need someone else to believe in us in order to be our best selves. Be that person for your customers.

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Recognise Others'  Accomplishments Regularly

leadership two

Every employee wants to do a good job. And when they do, they expect their boss to recognise them. Simply acknowledging and praising colleagues for a job well done is enough to distinguish you as a leader.

Leading Within

If you want to become a truly effective leader, it is crucial that you begin cultivating these skills immediately. When the time comes, you will be ready to guide your organisation and its workers appropriately.

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Be More Forgiving

Be kind, empathetic, and generous to others. By incorporating forgiveness into your leadership style, you can create a strong, cohesive team that is empowered to make errors, is innovative and creative, engaged and incentivized. A team you would be happy to take credit for.

Accepting Differences

Even though two people are looking at an identical object, they may not see it in the same way. This is simply the way humans are. When you begin to tolerate differences, you will be able to accept others operating in their comfort zones. Once that occurs, your team will begin to create results that exceed your expectations.


Remember that if you want to achieve more, improve your career, and be the leader that people want to follow, you must never stop developing yourself. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on becoming a good leader and perform better at work.