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Love To Binge-Watch Shows & Movies? Here Are Perfect Jobs Just For You

If you also spend your days watching Netflix, then we have the perfect job options for you .
Published -29 Jun 2021, 17:00 ISTUpdated -29 Jun 2021, 17:35 IST
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Most of us love to binge-watch shows or movies but we often get to hear that this is not something you can put on your resume. However, the times are changing and so is everything else. The kind of opportunities available in today’s world are looking for people with passion for consuming content. If you are not sure about the kind of jobs available for you with this kind of hobby, then here is a list of careers for people who love to binge-watch shows and movies.

Film Critic

caption binge watching jobs

The most obvious option of the list is surely film critic. Most newspapers and digital platforms have a dedicated section for reviewing films and shows. You can have a look at these on Film Companion, Firstpost, Scroll.in, The Quint and many more. You should definitely consider being a film critic if you have the eye to analyze and skills to write along with the passion to watch content.

Entertainment Journalist/Reporter

journalist binge watching jobs

People in this profession are specialized to speak or write about the events in the field of entertainment. An entertainment journalist can report on television or start an online blog or work in print or write on a digital platform.

This may include interacting with people involved in the creation of film and shows as well as writing reviews or synopsis. To work as an entertainment journalist, get a degree in the field of journalism as well as watch movies and TV shows on a regular basis.

Closed Captionist

Work of a closed captionist is to write subtitles for various movies and TV shows. Every streaming platform has an option for subtitles including Netflix, Amazon, Zee5 and many more. This work requires an extreme level of focus and an ability to type quickly. Therefore, if you go for this job then get ready to watch lots of content along with lots of hard work.

Netflix Tagger

This is one of the most popular and in-demand jobs for people with a passion for binge-watching. In this job, a person has to watch movies and shows and categorise them into different genres as well as put tags on them.

These tags are important for streaming platforms to suggest the right kind of content to their viewers. This is a key element in personalizing the content for the audience.

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Synopsis Writer

summary binge watching jobs

Almost all the streaming platforms have an option of synopsis for the show as well as each episode to give the viewer an accurate idea of what to expect from the movie or the show. Therefore, if you love to binge-watch and want to summarise what you saw, then immediately apply to a streaming platform (add these shows to your watchlist).

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Start Your Own Blog, Youtube Channel Or Podcast

The most viable option for you is to start a blog, podcast or a youtube channel. You can build your niche and work on it to present before your audience. Watch lots of content and make your own content according to it.

Recommended Video

No matter what medium you choose, the first thing you need to do is build your own audience. Once you have a base of audience, then it is easier for you to work on your passion to earn a good amount of money (make money while travelling). 

These are some of the most viable options for people who love to binge-watch shows and movies. If you liked this article, then stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such stories!

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