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Appraisal Season: How To Ask For A Salary Raise

Here are some tips to ask for a salary that you think you deserve.
Published -26 Mar 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -26 Mar 2022, 11:26 IST
hike in salary

If you are happy with your current pay scale and want a hike, then there are two ways to do so. Firstly, you can look for a new job with a higher pay scale. However, if you want to continue in your current job, then you need to ask your employer for a hike. 

 However, there is a right way to do so. Here are some tips for you to ask for a salary hike from your employer. 

How To Prepare

Whether you are asking for a raise or any other thing, you should always prepare beforehand. It is important that you have answers to all his questions. If it seems like you are not prepared well enough, then the results might not be in your favour. 

Build Your Case

Look back at all the instances and projects where you went beyond expectations which added value to your company and added profits to your company. Make sure to have all the data with you to prove your case.

Know Your Worth

Make sure to do your research and know your financial worth and market rate. Estimate what you deserve and ask for the same by proving why you deserve this raise. 

When To Ask For A Raise

income raise

It is important to ask for a raise at the right time otherwise you won’t get fruitful results. You have to be clever and look for the best time. You should keep in mind the financial position of your company. If you ask for a raise when the company is going through a tough time, then you won’t be getting one. Here are the best times to ask for a raise.

Annual Performance Reviews

This is actually the most appropriate time to ask for a salary raise. This is not only the right time to ask for a raise but you are also expected to talk about salary at this point. 

After An Important Project

After you complete an important project that too exceptionally well, then it is the right time to ask for a raise. Your excellent work will probably get you a raise.

When Your Manager Is Happy

If you ask for a raise when your manager or company is going through a stressful time, then it is surely a bad time. Your manager is already short on time and patience and asking anything at this point won’t be fruitful. 

What To Say?

After preparing and finding the right time to talk about your raise, it is important to say the right things. You should know what you are going to talk about during the meeting. This doesn’t mean that you need to write a whole script but you should at least know a few phrases. 

Be Clear

It is important to be clear with what you are here to talk about. You can start your conversation with, “As I’m looking forward to working and growing with the company, I’d love to discuss my salary.”

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Be Specific

Mentioned your desired salary number and how you came to this conclusion. Bring all your past works along with you to mention why you deserve this raise. Also, keep all the details with you that you think are important for you. 

How To Act


Be Confident

You need to show confidence in yourself. You can’t expect a raise if you don’t feel confident in yourself.

Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude and appreciation for what you currently have at the company will show that you care about the company and are thankful for the support. This will probably make the company also thank you with a raise for your support in the company’s growth.

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Express Enthusiasm

You should share your future goals with excitement. Sharing your professional future goals will show that you are quite invested in the company. 

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