If you are hunting for isolated places to visit in India which you may think are very less, well you are in for a surprise. India has so many jewels that you don't even need to international to see scenic places. We have our own Switzerland, Niagra Falls and what not. The same way we have so many places which do not have as many visitors and tourists as other cliched places have. These are still not much crowded and the scenic value is ah-mazing! So what are you waiting for? Get on with the list below and make a plan.

Mashobra in Himachal Pradesh

Mashobra is a small part of the Shimla district in Himachal, and it is perfect for those looking for serenity and seclusion. It has many landscapes and the hill station is perfect for a weekend adventure. There are many fun activities that you can do here and that includes trekking, camping, fishing, mountain climbing, rappelling, etc.

Munsiyari, Uttarakhand 

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Situated in Pithoragarh, Munsiyari is in the easternmost hill district of Uttarakhand which is bordering Tibet. It is also known as ‘Little Kashmir’. This place is perfect for nature lovers and all those souls that love adventure. You get the view of the Himalayan peak, Panchchuli from here. This place is also a base for trekkers that go to Ralam Glaciers, Milam and Nanda Devi peak. 

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Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley is in Andhra Pradesh, situated in the heart of the state. It is unexplored and untouched by the masses. It is a spectacular place for a vacation. Go solo once and experience the beauty which is surrounded by lush green forests, foggy clouds and high mountains. The climate is also just perfect and hence apt for those who want to run away from their hectic, crazy lives and away from the hustle-bustle of their cities. 

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Dharmkot, Himachal Pradesh

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This is one place I am proud to say that I have personally been to for a certain film festival. It is ofcourse a little hippie village in the Himalayas, between Dharamshala and McLeodganj. It is a well known Buddhist destination in Himachal and surprisingly the towns it is situated between are super busy but those village has somehow managed to be quaint. Some people even live for months here and it is perfect for you to practice yoga here. There is a lot to do around it as well. You could even take an overnight bus to Kasol where you will see a lot of backpackers. You could head out for hikes to Triund, Illaqua, Indrahar Pass and the list can go on. 

Aru Valley, Kashmir

One more place I can tick off from my list is Aru Valley. We although accidentally reached here on a road trip, we landed here by mistake, a sweet mistake might I say as this place was a complete surprise. It was and is so serene, just out of those fancy book you read. It is a pristine scenic village situated in the region of Trans-Himalaya that overlooks the Himalayan range. The coniferous forest, the blue waters and those meadows transport you to another world altogether. You have to go here. Trekkers will love it, people looking for some peace will dig it, if it snowing then skiing it is. This valley is just 12 kms away from Pahalgam.